Vaping Excise Tax Canada - What You Need To Know!

The New Excise Vape Tax in Canada 2022

Vapers across Canada will see a new change to their disposable vape and e-liquid purchases in the form of the federal vaping excise tax. Although this vaping excise tax is a bit of a nuisance, it does have its benefits.  

All disposable vapes and e-liquid products are now required to comply with federal standards for safety, ensuring that your vape experience is as satisfying as possible. Also, this new government initiative is subject to any disposable vape or e-liquid products made in Canada or imported into the Canadian market. So whether you're vaping VapeMeet's line of delicious e-liquids or other brands from around the world, you can rest knowing that you'll be vaping safely and legally.

 All vape products made before October 1st are exempt from the vaping excise tax, so you'll save a bit of money until these products sell out. Products made after this date will be affixed with an excise stamp and are subject to the vaping excise tax. That means your disposable vape could end up costing more later on.

 The Canadian Government has implemented a federal vaping excise tax on all e-liquid products. This applies to products made in Canada, like all VapeMeet e-liquids or those imported into the Canadian market. This tax affects e-liquids, disposables and pre-filled pods.

Until December 31st, 2022, you can avoid paying additional excise taxes on products made or imported before October 1st. After that, all products containing e-liquid will be stamped and subject to the new vaping excise tax - so be sure to stock up on disposable vape pens and your favourite flavoured e liquids before January 1st, 2023.


$1.00 for every 2mL for the first 10 mL of e-liquid per sealed container.
$1.00 for every 10 mL of additional e-liquid over the first 10 mL in the same container.


30mL e-liquids will incur an excise tax of $7.
60mL e-liquids will incur an excise tax of $10.
120mL e-liquids will incur an excise tax of $16.
Pre-filled vape pods (STLTH, Vuse, etc.) will see an excise tax based on the e-liquid volume per pod and the number of pods contained in a package.
Disposable devices (Breeze, Ghost, Allo, etc.) will see an excise tax based on the e-liquid volume contained in the device.

Whether you're stocking up on your favourite disposable vape or replenishing your low supply of e-liquid, keep these changes in mind!

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