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If you're after a vape that provides a long-lasting experience, look no further than the Instabar Jar Disposable Vape. Boasting an impressive 4000 puffs, it's perfect for lengthy vaping sessions. And what's more, this vape boasts a rechargeable battery, ensuring that you'll be able to enjoy uninterrupted pleasure session after session.

What sets the Instabar Jar Disposable Vape apart? The 1.2-ohm mesh coil delivers the greatest hits of flavorful vapour! Whether you're into sweet, fruity, or spicy flavours, this vape is guaranteed to deliver an unparalleled vaping experience.

And there's more! The Instabar Jar vape also features a soft silicone shell with improved grip and enhanced comfort. You'll love how natural it feels in your hand and how easy it is to control the amount of vapour you inhale.

Finally, with a generous 8mL of e-juice, you can enjoy your favourite flavours longer. So why wait? Add the Instabar Jar disposable to your vaping collection today!

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Instabar Jar Disposable Vape

Instabar Jar Disposable Vape, worth the hype?

The Instabar Rechargeable Disposable Vape offers 4000 puffs, a strong rechargeable battery, a 1.2 ohm mesh coil, and a soft silicone shell for improved grip and comfort. It contains 8mL of e-juice.

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