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VapeMeet Mississauga

167 Queen Street South
Unit 1 - L5M 1L2

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Toll Free: 1-888-540-8273 Ext. 2
Phone: 416-639-8273 Ext. 2

Free Parking

Looking for a new place to shop? Check out our store! We offer free parking, so it's easy to get in and out. Plus, our prices are unbeatable. So if you're looking for a great deal on top-quality merchandise, come see us!


Access to the internet has become an important part of daily life, and our store offers easy access to the internet with our free wifi.


Here at our store, we want everyone to be able to come in and enjoy themselves. That's why we're proud to say that we have easy access for wheelchairs! So whether you're in a wheelchair or just pushing a walker, you can come on in and check us out without any hassle.

VapeMeet Mississauga - The Best Vape Store in Mississauga

Welcome to VapeMeet Mississauga vape store, your local destination for everything vaping! Nestled just south of Brampton, our Mississauga vape store is the place to be for all your vaping essentials. With an extensive inventory that spans from hardware to a vast selection of e-liquids at unbeatable prices, we’re here to ensure your vaping journey is as fulfilling as possible.

Expertise at Your Mississauga vape store

Our team at VapeMeet Mississauga is not just knowledgeable- they're passionate about vaping and eager to share that enthusiasm with you. Understanding the ins and outs of vaping can be tricky, but we’re dedicated to debunking myths and clarifying any confusion. So, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned vaper, drop by our store and let us assist you in navigating the vast vaping landscape.

Your Vaping Hub in the GTA, The Ontario Electronic Vape Store

Located at 167 Queen Street South, Unit 1, VapeMeet Mississauga is a beacon for vapers throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Easily accessible from major highways like the 407 and 401, our store is perfectly positioned for anyone in the GTA seeking to enhance their vaping experience. Why not make the trip today and see what makes us stand out?

Unmatched Vaping Selection and Prices

VapeMeet Mississauga offers top vaping products. Looking for a new vape mod? Want a new e-liquid flavour? Our selection will wow you. We know vaping must be affordable. So, we keep our prices competitive. Our store is in the GTA, making it easy to visit. For all your vaping needs, we're your nearby spot. No need to go far for what you need.

Quality Meets Convenience at Your Mississauga vape store

At VapeMeet, quality is a cornerstone of our selection. Every product on our shelves meets the highest standards of quality and performance. This commitment to excellence means you don’t have to compromise on quality for the sake of cost. Our convenient Mississauga location, coupled with our expert staff, makes VapeMeet the ideal spot for obtaining premium vaping products without any hassle.

Why Choose VapeMeet Mississauga?

  • Extensive selection: From the latest devices to a plethora of e-liquid flavors, our range caters to every vaper's needs.
  • Affordable vaping: Our competitive pricing ensures you get great value for your investment.
  • Prime location: Easily accessible for anyone in the GTA, making your vape shopping trip a breeze.
  • Quality assurance: With VapeMeet, you're guaranteed to find products that elevate your vaping experience.

Don’t just take our word for it; visit VapeMeet Mississauga and experience the difference for yourself. Whether you're looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping or simply exploring new flavors and devices, VapeMeet is here to provide a superior shopping experience. Join us at Mississauga's #1 vape store, and let’s take your vaping to the next level together.

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What You Should Know About Our Stores

At all our VapeMeet vape shop locations, we want to provide the best possible experience for our customers. That's why we have a team of knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions about our vape products. They can help educate you on the different features of our products and how to use them. That way you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you're a first-time vaper or an experienced smoker looking to switch to vaping, we're here to help. We can help make that transition as smooth and easy as possible.

VapeMeet is a founding director of Canada’s Vape Expo, the CVE – Canada’s largest vaping trade show that travels across Canada all year, melding and networking communities around the country.

VapeMeet is all about advocacy. As one of the first public members of the CVA, we’ve supported efforts to fund fundamental research and government relations on behalf of the industry and always do our part to bring others on board.

Frequently Asked Questions

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