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Lemon Drop vape juice offers a zesty escape into the world of lemonade-based e-juices, presented in sleek 60mL Chubby Gorilla bottles infused with Freebase Nicotine. This line is a celebration of the classic, tangy flavor of lemonade, expertly blended to create an array of delectable vaping experiences.

Each bottle of Lemon Drop vape juice is a fusion of fruitiness and flavor, promising a vaping experience that is both intensely enjoyable and refreshingly smooth. The freebase nicotine formulation is ideal for vapers who prefer a more traditional vaping experience with a stronger throat hit and robust flavor profiles.

Though commonly associated with sub-ohm devices, Lemon Drop vape juice is uniquely suitable for both pod vapes and other non-sub-ohm vape devices. This versatility ensures that a wider range of vapers can enjoy the crisp, citrusy delights of Lemon Drop, regardless of their device preference.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant, fruity world of Lemon Drop vape juice. From the first inhale, you'll be greeted with the invigorating taste of freshly squeezed lemonade, enhanced with a variety of other fruit flavors for an even more dynamic vaping journey. Perfect for everyday vaping, these e-juices are sure to become a staple in your collection.

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Lemon Drop E Liquid

Lemon Drop E Liquid, worth the hype?

Lemon Drop E-Liquid is a lemonade based line of e-juices, which is available in 60mL Chubby Gorilla bottles infused with Freebase Nicotine. This E-Liquid is extremely fruity and flavourful, and perfect for your pod vapes and other type of non sub-ohm vape devices.

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