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We can guarantee a smooth vaping experience with Allo Ultra 800 Disposable Vape. Its one of the ultimate solutions for convenience, quality and style in your vaping lifestyle. 

With an impressive 800+ puffs, its integrated Mesh Coil will give your taste buds the indulgence they deserve with supreme flavour performance. The innovative chipset efficiently regulates wattage, ensuring a high-quality experience free from dry hits and burns. Say goodbye to disappointment and hello to vaping bliss!

The Allo boasts a 3.8mL e-liquid and 550 mAh battery capacity, providing extended use time for uninterrupted enjoyment. Rest easy knowing that our device has over-inhale and short-circuit protection, so you can focus solely on savouring the moment.

Look no further than VapeMeet for the best, most exclusive vape products that fit all your needs. We carry a wide selection of vape pens crafted with long-lasting battery life and rich flavour in mind, and we pride ourselves on only having the best. Join the satisfaction of the Allo Ultra 800 Disposable Vape today!

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Allo Ultra Disposables

Allo Ultra 800 Disposable Vape, worth the hype?

The Allo Ultra - Twice The Vapor Production Lets You Enjoy Your Favorite Flavors All Day Long

Now you can enjoy your favorite e-juice flavors all day long without worrying about running out of vapor. With twice the amount of vapor production, the Allo Ultra is perfect for those who love to vape!

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