Berry Drop Salted E Liquid

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Berry Drop salted E-Juice from Canada is a range of highly flavorful Vape Juices that you can enjoy. The same people who created the popular Lemon Drop series of juices bring these juices to you. All the flavours of Berry Drop have a tangy Blue Raspberry base and are made with a unique blend of different fruits and berries, which makes for a delicious E-Liquid option. With its flavorful taste and unique blend of fruits and berries, Berry Drop salted E-Juice is a must-try for all vaping enthusiasts.

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Berry Drop Salted E Liquid

Berry Drop Salted E Liquid, worth the hype?

Berry Drop E-Juice (Canada) and Salt Nics are super flavourful Vape Juices for your vaporizers. From the same guys who brought you the infamous Lemon Drop series of juices! All flavours feature a tangy Blue Raspberry base with unique combinations of various fruits and berries that create a delicious E-Liquid option.

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