Vuse Epod 2 Vape Pod Kit

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Meet the upgraded Vuse 2 Vape Pod Kit is designed for on-the-go moments with fast charge with a modern angular finish.

Fast charge in 35 minutes, the Vuse 2 Vape Pod Kit is the one of the fastest ePod yet, you can even charge and vape at the same time. Offered in 5 metallic colours with a soft-touch finish. With built-in quiet draw technology and puff-activation, all you need to do is take a puff and you're vaping.

Vuse ePod 2 is compatible with both Vype & Vuse ePod pods. Please note, the flavour pods are not included in the device kits and can be purchased separately here.

The Vuse ePod Pod Systems stand out from other pod systems by offering a simple, easy to use and well known experience for each of their devices, they also offer a wide range of flavours.

Vuse offers an incredibly compact and convenient device. Visit our Vuse ePod Review for more information before heading to checkout.

If the Vuse ePod Pod System is not what you're looking for be sure to take a look at some of our other Pod System brands like Vaporesso & Uwell before checking out or see our entire collection here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bad, overpriced flavors

If you just want a cheap way to try out vaping for the first time then this might fit the bill. But if you get this, know that you will be paying way too much for flavors that, frankly, suck. By the time you've gone through 5 pods you've already spent enough to have invested in a refillable vape + 30ml bottle of juice with 21ml to spare.

Vanilla became my favorite flavor on the vuse, but since switching to a refillable system I've yet to find a flavor as weak, unsatisfying, and as far from tasting like vanilla as vuse offers. I would describe their vanilla as predominantly unflavored, with nutty notes and a hint of vanilla. And that was my favorite. For $11.50 you get 3.6ml of liquid. Just shop e-liquids, add $5 per 20ml for replacement coils (you'd almost certainly spend less) to see what a hose job that is.

The battery wasn't anywhere near lasting me all day, but it would at least last several hours. Still, I needed to carry 2 anywhere I went because they have a tendency to stop working randomly and need to be plugged into the charger for a second to get them working again. The battery looses it's ability to hold a charge in a matter of months. Sometimes a relatively new one will stop working for no apparent reason. So even though it's cheap you're going to end up buying several of them over the year.

I see no reason anyone should be using this when they could be paying several times less for a better product.

Valerie Lueth
It’s ok

Pods fall out pretty easy. It uses a magnet not a click in

Epod 2

Have had two devices, the first one worked fairly well but often it would stop pulling even with a mostly full charge until I plugged it back in. New one overheated within 10 minutes melting one of my pods, then the next day it just stopped working. Unable to charge or pull my device at all.
They're cheap but full of problems.

Andrew Kaplan
Vuse Epod 2 Device

These are an improvement to the regular devices. You can charge them and use them at the same time.