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Sour Ghost E Liquid from VapeMeet is one of our top e liquids and it packs a punch! There's no ghosting any taste buds with this vape juice. Sour Ghost is hauntingly tasty and is crafted with only the highest quality e liquid ingredients to ensure clouds bursting with flavourful notes on every puff. Get ready for some seriously tasty clouds - Sour Ghost E Liquid will have you feeling spooky!

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Sour Ghost E-Liquid

Sour Ghost E-Liquid, worth the hype?

Sour Ghost E-Liquid is the spookiest vape juice line around! This e-liquid features the classic combination of mixed berries and dragonfruit, with a few surprises like menthol, fruits, and cream thrown in for good measure! The best part about this vape juice is that it's perfect for those who are looking for a little something extra in their vape juice flavours. The added flavour kicks this vape juice that other vape juices just can't compete with! So if you're looking for a vape juice that will knock your socks off, look no further than Sour Ghost E-Liquid!

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