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Introducing Kapow Salted E-Liquid, offering vibrant flavours perfect for pod systems. Experience original Kapow tastes in salt nicotine form, providing diverse options. Each flavour strikes the right sweetness balance, ensuring a satisfying vape without coil buildup. Ideal for salt nicotine lovers, Kapow Salted E-Liquid delivers smooth throat hits and intense flavours. Whether fruity, dessert, or traditional, there's something for everyone. Dive into Kapow Salted E-Liquid for coil-friendly, high-quality flavours.

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Kapow Salted E Liquid

Kapow Salted E Liquid, worth the hype?

Kapow Salt E-Liquid is juicy line of vape juice designed for your favorite pod systems. Featuring all of the original flavours available in the free base Kapow line. These mouth watering e-juices are perfectly sweetened but don't gunk up your coils!

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