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Discover the world of Flip Bar disposable vapes, where the spotlight is on the unique "flip vape" feature. This innovative device packs two distinct flavours into one compact Flip Bar disposable vape, offering a convenient and exciting vaping experience. With a simple flip of the mouthpiece, you can effortlessly switch between flavours. Immerse yourself in the Flip Bar world and uncover their incredible flavour profiles! Designed for utmost convenience and diversity, the Flip Bar Dual Flavour Vape boasts an impressive capacity of up to 9000 puffs of sensational flavour. Stay informed about your device's status with the battery indicators, while the rechargeable 700 mAh internal battery ensures long-lasting enjoyment.

Equipped with dual vertical mesh coils for enhanced performance, this disposable vape delivers consistent satisfaction with every inhale. Enjoy a generous e-liquid capacity of 16 mL and a potent nicotine strength of 20 mg/mL. Guaranteeing an extended and flavourful vaping experience.

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Flip Bar Disposable Vape

Flip Bar Disposable Vape, worth the hype?

Dive into a realm of endless flavour possibilities with FLIP BAR DISPOSABLE! This innovative marvel boasts two delectable flavours housed within a single, compact disposable vape device for a truly unique vaping experience! A simple 180-degree flip of the mouthpiece transports you from one sensational taste to another, unleashing a new wave of flavour that's ready to enthral your senses.

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