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The team-up of vaping industry titans Voopoo and Zovoo has yielded Zovoo DragBar B5000! These disposable vapes are the perfect mouth-to-lung (MTL) disposables that send you to vaping nirvana. 

The Dragbars have a variety of sizes, each with a corresponding puff count, making them flexible enough to suit any vaping style. Thoroughly engineered and precision-built, these disposables ensure consistent output, making every puff enjoyable and satisfying. 

Switch to Zovoo DragBars, and explore the very best in vaping technology, performance and design.

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Zoovoo Dragbar B5000 Disposable, worth the hype?

Zovoo DragBars are a line of high-performance disposables for MTL vapers. The brand is in association with Voopoo, hence the name “Drag” and “Zovoo”. The Zovoo Dragbars come in a range of sizes and respective puff counts.

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