Vice Loop Disposable Vape Pods

Collection: Vice Loop Disposable Vape Pods

Introducing the Vice LOOP, the perfect companion for your STLTH LOOP device, revolutionizing the vaping experience. This innovative collection features a rechargeable device compatible with interchangeable pods, merging the convenience of disposable vapes with a sustainable, cost-effective approach. Say goodbye to unnecessary waste and embrace the efficiency of only replacing the pod.

Each Vice LOOP Pod is a masterpiece of design, equipped with a generous 10ML of premium e-liquid and advanced vertical mesh coil technology. This cutting-edge combination ensures up to 5000 rich, flavorful puffs per pod, elevating your vaping experience to new heights. The collection showcases an array of popular flavors inspired by both STLTH and Vice Disposables, promising a familiar yet enhanced taste sensation.

Discover a world of flavor with our range of 10 unique Vice LOOP Pods. Each flavour is carefully crafted to offer a distinct and satisfying vaping journey, suitable for all preferences. From refreshing fruits to indulgent desserts, the Vice LOOP collection caters to every palate.

Upgrade your vaping routine with Vice LOOP Pods. Experience the convenience of a disposable vape, the quality of premium e-liquids, and the sustainability of a rechargeable device. Dive into our collection and find your favorite flavor today!

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Vice Loop Disposable Vape Pods

Vice Loop Disposable Vape Pods, worth the hype?

Introducing the Vice LOOP, compatible with the STLTH LOOP device . Comprising a rechargeable device with interchangeable pods, the Vice LOOP provides the experience of disposable vapes with reduced waste and enhanced affordability, requiring only the replacement of the pod.

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