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The Mr. Fog Switch disposable vape is switching up the vape game. This disposable vape offers unmatched airflow control for a customized experience like never before. With its 5500-puff capacity and superior mesh coil technology, you can enjoy unbeatable flavour and vapour with every draw.

What sets the Mr. Fog apart is its unique adjustable airflow system. This innovative feature empowers you to finesse the airflow to your preference, perfect for a truly personalized vaping session. Whether you want a tight draw with intense flavour or a smooth and airy hit, the Switch can deliver precisely what you want - every single time.

Step up your vaping game and try the all-new Mr. Fog Switch disposable vape today. You will experience groundbreaking technology, unbeatable flavour, and a customized vaping experience. Get your hands on one now and notice the difference! Browse through our selection of Mr Fog Switch flavours.

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Mr. Fog Switch Disposable Vape

Mr. Fog Switch Disposable Vape, worth the hype?

The Switch has the most innovative airflow control in the market today. Introducing the new Mr Fog Switch disposable vape! It has up to 5500 puffs and a mesh coil for amazing all flavour. With it's innovative adjustable airflow design it will allow you to carefully customize your vaping experience.

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