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The STLTH 5K disposable vape is setting a new standard in disposable vaping. This sleek and convenient option has been designed to provide maximum convenience with an innovative matte finish, an internal 600mAh battery and 10mL of e-liquid capacity with 20mg/mL of nicotine.

STLTH 5K vapes provide an optimal vaping experience like no other. Not only does it have a long-lasting battery, capable of providing up to 5000 puffs, but it also has a liquid and battery indicator to keep you aware of usage status from the comfort of your pocket or purse. STLTH's selection of flavors ensures that there is something for everyone, no matter your personal preference. Quality, convenience and variety; STLTH has all your needs covered with their STLTH 5K disposable vape!

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STLTH 5K Disposable Vape

STLTH 5K Disposable Vape, worth the hype?

STLTH Disposables are the perfect vape device for adult smokers ready to take their vaping experience to the next level. Unlike traditional e-cigarettes, STLTH Pods offer an easy and intuitive mouth to lung experience that appeals to all users of legal age. No matter your preference, you’ll find a flavour that’s right for you! The classic range of flavours has something for everyone: from fruity vape delights like blue raspberry and strawberry custard, through to classic tobacco options and tasty menthol offerings.

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