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Vivant - Incendio Firecore Replacement Coil Vaporizer Vivant

Vivant - Incendio Firecore Replacement Coil

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Need some fresh replacement coils for your Incendio? Purchase yours today from VapeMeet’s online vape shop.

Vivant Firecore Coil Vaporizer. The revolutionary heat source by Vivant, the patent pending Firecore Vaporizer heating element is the first of its kind - a revolutionary heating source that seals off a spiral electrical trace inside the SiO2 crystal (Quartz), allowing for even heat transfer without any metal or contaminants touching your cannabis. An all silica glass surface to vaporize material as cleanly as possible.

Maintenance of the vaporizer is as easy as wiping off debris from the smooth surface of the crystal. Firecore Vaporizer will provide the smoothest and purest flavor you have ever experienced.

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* 1 Coil per pack 

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