STLTH Loop 2 Pineapple Orange Cherry Disposable Vape Pod

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STLTH Loop 2 Pineapple Orange Cherry Disposable Vape Pod weaves together the tropical zest of pineapples, the citrus burst of oranges, and the sweet tang of cherries for a dynamic and mouthwatering vaping experience. This flavour profile is a delightful concoction that promises to whisk your senses away to a sunny paradise with every inhale. Perfect for those who savour a vibrant mix of fruity notes with a nuanced sweetness, Pineapple Orange Cherry stands as a testament to the art of flavour blending, offering a unique taste that's both refreshing and indulgent.

Building upon the innovative legacy of the original STLTH Loop, the STLTH Loop 2 propels vaping technology forward with enhanced features. It showcases an improved battery life, expanded puff capacity, and the invaluable addition of adjustable airflow, empowering you to customize your vape perfectly.

At the heart of the STLTH Loop 2 Pineapple Orange Cherry is its 850mAh rechargeable battery, designed to support extended vaping sessions. Pre-loaded with 17ml of high-grade e-liquid, the pod delivers up to 9000 puffs, ensuring a long-lasting and satisfying vaping journey. Additionally, its compatibility with STLTH Loop and VICE Loop Pods offers a vast spectrum of flavour explorations.

The STLTH Loop 2 is crafted for the utmost convenience and mobility. Its streamlined LED display provides instant visibility of e-liquid and battery levels, affirming its status as an indispensable companion for vapers everywhere. Moreover, the adjustable airflow system lets you refine your vaping experience, from tightly focused flavour hits to more relaxed, airy draws.

Opting for the STLTH Loop 2 Pineapple Orange Cherry Disposable Vape Pod is a choice for a sustainable, economically friendly vaping solution that refuses to compromise on the richness of flavour or the overall quality of the experience. It is impeccably suited for both vaping novices and aficionados alike, with each pod containing 20mg/ml of nicotine for a consistently delightful and flavourful vape from start to finish.

Features of the STLTH Loop 2 Pineapple Orange Cherry  Disposable Vape Pod:

  • Hybrid Design: Integrates disposable convenience with pod system personalization.
  • Customizable Airflow: Tailor your vaping from intense flavour to significant vapour production.
  • LED Indicators: Keep informed with immediate battery and e-liquid level updates.
  • Broad Compatibility: Compatible with STLTH Loop & Vice Loop Pods for extensive flavour choices.
  • Superior Value: Delivers up to 9000 puffs from its generous 17ml e-liquid capacity.
  • Durable Battery Performance: The 850mAh battery facilitates prolonged vaping, aligning with user convenience and environmental considerations.

Dive into the future of vaping with the STLTH Loop 2 Pineapple Orange Cherry Disposable Vape Pod, where cutting-edge design converges with the exhilarating flavours of pineapple, orange, and cherry for an extraordinary vaping experience.


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