STLTH Loop 2 Citrus Burst Ice Disposable Vape Pod

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STLTH Loop 2 Citrus Burst Ice Disposable Vape Pod unleashes a vibrant explosion of citrus flavours and an icy, cool finish for a refreshing vaping experience. This pod captures the zesty essence of a medley of citrus fruits, including tangy lemons, luscious oranges, and zippy limes, all harmoniously blended for a bright and bold taste. When you think the citrus thrill has peaked, a wave of icy freshness sweeps in, creating a cooling effect that perfectly complements the tart and sweet notes. Citrus Burst Ice is an exhilarating choice for vapers seeking a lively fruit flavour with a chill factor.

Expanding upon the innovation of the original STLTH Loop, the STLTH Loop 2 introduces enhancements that redefine vaping convenience and enjoyment. It features an upgraded battery for extended use, a higher puff count to last longer, and adjustable airflow to customize your vaping experience.

Powered by an 850mAh rechargeable battery, the STLTH Loop 2 Citrus Burst Ice ensures prolonged vaping sessions. Each pod is pre-filled with 17ml of premium e-liquid and delivers up to 9000 puffs. Furthermore, it's compatible with both STLTH Loop and VICE Loop Pods, offering a wide array of flavor explorations.

The STLTH Loop 2 is the epitome of convenience and mobility. Its sleek LED display effortlessly indicates e-liquid and battery levels, making it an essential vape for those on the go. With the innovative adjustable airflow feature, you can fine-tune your vaping experience to achieve the perfect inhalation, from tight draws to airy puffs.

Opting for the STLTH Loop 2 Citrus Burst Ice Disposable Vape Pod is a choice for a sustainable and cost-efficient vaping solution without sacrificing flavour intensity or quality. Suitable for both vaping novices and aficionados, each pod is infused with 20mg/ml of nicotine, ensuring a consistently smooth and flavorful experience from start to finish.

Features of the STLTH Loop 2 Citrus Burst Ice Disposable Vape Pod:

  • Hybrid Design: Combines disposable convenience with pod system personalization for the best of both worlds.
  • Adjustable Airflow: Customize your draw from tight and flavorful to loose and cloudy.
  • LED Battery & E-Liquid Indicator: Stay informed on your vape's status with a glance.
  • Versatile Compatibility: With STLTH Loop & Vice Loop Pods, widen your flavour choices.
  • Great Value: Enjoy the extensive 9000 puff count from a generous 17ml e-liquid capacity.
  • Durable Battery Life: The robust 850mAh battery ensures your vaping sessions last longer, ready for recharging as needed.

Dive into the future of vaping with the STLTH Loop 2 Citrus Burst Ice Disposable Vape Pod, where the latest technology meets vibrant flavours for an unmatched vaping journey.


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