STLTH - Flavourless

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STLTH Flavourless - All the satisfaction with none of the lingering flavour. Clean and simple to keep you satisfied throughout the day. (50VG/50PG)

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Customer Reviews

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Loren S
One of my go to pods.

I Always order this one. It’s a great taste bud reset. If your flavour Starts lacking vape s pod of flavourless and your other pods will explode in flavour again. Highly recommend.

Raj Mehan

Gives a good hit and no weird flavour

Jessie Purgavie
Manufacturing changes

Still always my go-to flavour and pod but the last 6 to 8 weeks there has been many small but annoying changes to the device itself. For example the tpart where the pod meets the shell of the device, and there is a ring/seal that makes it airtight, but I have not had one air-tight in almost 2 months... Mouthpieces also have been having a more "grainy" texture for a couple months, not every pack but most now. The juice itself as well seems higher in PG now. Maybe not by much, but enough to taste fruitier, and produce less vapour, also it makes it harsher and makes me get occasional heart burn or sore throat which had never been an issue for the last year. I don't mind tbe new packaging, paper instead of aluminum.

Julia Declerc-Leroux

This is perfect when you need a break from the sweet and savoury flavours