Flavour Beast Beast Mode 8K Packin' Peach Berry Disposable Vape Pen

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Introducing the Flavour Beast Beast Mode 8K Packin' Peach Berry Disposable Vape – A Blissful Fusion of Peach and Berry!

Get ready to indulge in the delightful harmony of sweet peaches and succulent berries with the Flavour Beast Beast Mode 8K Disposable Vape. This exceptional vape delivers a burst of juicy peachiness, perfectly complemented by a medley of luscious berries, creating a truly blissful vaping experience.

Flavour Beast Beast Mode 8K Packin' Peach Berry Key Features:

  • Featuring the latest Dual Mode System technology: Standard Mode and Beast Mode
  • Up to 8000 Puffs
  • Battery and E-Liquid Indicator
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • OLED Screen

Flavour Beast Beast Mode Device Specifications:

  • Standard Mode: 1.2Ω Mesh Coil, 10W, Cooler and Smoother Hit
  • Beast Mode: 0.6Ω Dual Mesh Coil, 20W, More Aggressive Vaping Style
  • Liquid Volume: 16 mL
  • Nicotine Content: 20mg/mL
  • Size: 98 x 46 x 24.5mm

Experience the perfect marriage of peach and berry flavours with the Packin' Peach Berry Disposable Vape. Each inhale greets you with the sweet essence of ripe peaches, while the exhale unveils the delectable blend of berries, leaving your taste buds craving more.

With the innovative Dual Mode System, you have the freedom to choose your vaping style. Standard Mode offers a cooler and smoother hit with the 1.2Ω mesh coil at 10W, while Beast Mode cranks up the intensity with the 0.6Ω Dual Mesh coil at 20W, providing a bolder and more robust flavour experience.

Elevate your vaping adventure with Flavour Beast and its cutting-edge disposable vapes. Try Packin' Peach Berry today and enjoy the perfect fusion of fruity delight in every puff. Flavour Beast is your destination for top-tier vaping experiences.

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