Review of the New Loop Vape System: STLTH and Vice Loops - A Fresh Approach to Vaping in 2024
Ann K

Review of the New Loop Vape System: STLTH and Vice Loops - A Fresh Approach to Vaping in 2024

As we embrace the new year, the vaping community always looks for innovative and efficient ways to enjoy their hobby. The new Loop Vape System, encompassing the STLTH and Vice Loops, promises just that. I tested these new pod vapes and am excited to share my insights.


What are Loop Pod Vapes?

The Loop is a new vaping device that is designed to be environmentally friendly while saving you money. It allows you to attach large 10mL capacity pre-filled pods, giving you up to 5000 puffs without having to dispose of the 600mAh battery. The Loop Pod Vape features vape flavours from well-known brands such as STLTH and Vice, making it perfect for vapers who want to enjoy the convenience of a disposable vape without harming the environment.

What are the Loop Vape Flavours?

The Loop Vape System stands out with its impressive range of flavours. The variety and quality of the pods are commendable, catering to a wide range of taste preferences. Whether you are a fan of fruity, dessert, or traditional tobacco flavours, there's something for everyone in this lineup. Best part of all, you have two well known bands of flavours from Vice and STLTH to choose from, so the flavours will be on par with their disposable counterparts.

Popular Loop flavours at VapeMeet right now are:

Vice Loop Hawaiian Ice vape Pod

Vice Loop Hawaiian Ice Disposable Vape Pod


Vice Loop Prism Ice Disposable Vape Pod

Vice Loop Prism Ice Disposable Vape Pod

STLTH Loop Punch Ice Disposable Vape Pod

STLTH Loop Punch Ice Disposable Vape Pod


Are Pod Vapes Good for the Enviroment?

Using a rechargeable battery and pod system in this vaping device is eco-friendly. It helps to minimize battery waste and is a responsible choice for those who care about the environment. Disposable vapes contain plastic, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and toxic metals, which can leach into the environment. They are non-recyclable and can add to the already mounting issue of electronic waste. According to the UN, over 50 million tonnes of electronic waste are generated globally annually. By reducing the frequency of throwing away batteries in your disposable vape, you can contribute to keeping batteries out of landfills.

 Loop Vape Battery

What is the Loop Vape Battery

The Loop Vape System Battery (sold separately) is compatible with Loop Pods to provide flavourful vapour at a lower cost than traditional disposables with a disposable battery. The battery offers USB C charging and a multicolor battery charge indicator light. It is a simple, yet efficient battery that prioritizes delivering a reliable performance without unnecessary features. One of its notable features is the quick charging time, which takes only around 30 minutes to charge fully. This makes it ideal for vapers who are always on the go.


How Much Are Loop Vapes

The Loop Vape System offers many benefits, including affordable pod purchases. It's an excellent choice for vapers who want to maintain the quality of their vaping experience while being budget-conscious. The low-cost pods are long-lasting, making this system a cost-effective option for frequent vapers who want to enjoy their vaping without spending too much money. Each pod costs $16.99 before taxes and provides 5000 puffs, making it an excellent way for vapers to save money in 2024.

The Loop Vape System is not only affordable but also efficient. Its unique design ensures that the pods are easy to use and can be replaced quickly and easily. This means that you can enjoy a hassle-free vaping experience without worrying about complicated procedures. The pods are also leak-proof, which reduces the chances of spills and mess, making it a safe choice for vapers.

Overall, the Loop Vape System is an excellent choice for vapers who want a cost-effective and high-quality vaping experience. With its affordability, efficiency, and customizability, this system will surely provide you with a satisfying vaping experience every time you use it.


Cons to Loop Vape Pods?

The disadvantages of these disposable pod vapes are obvious when compared to disposable vapes. The biggest one is pods lack advanced features and are limited to compatible pods, which means fewer options for flavour.

Bulkier Pods

While the functionality of the pods is impressive, their bulkier design might appeal to only some. They tend to feel more like disposable units rather than sleek, compact pod systems. A design closer to the original STLTH Pod System, known for its sleekness, might appeal to those prioritizing aesthetics and portability.


Lack of Juice Level Indicator

The absence of a juice level indicator is a noticeable drawback. It can be inconvenient not to know when you're running low on e-liquid, leading to unexpected interruptions in your vaping experience. Incorporating a simple indicator could significantly enhance the user-friendliness of the system.


No Airflow Control on the Battery

Another area where the Loop Vape System could improve is the lack of airflow control options on the battery. This feature, common in many modern vaping systems, allows users to customize their experience to their inhalation preferences. Its inclusion could enhance the versatility and appeal of the Loop Vape System.



Overall, the new Loop Vape System, including the STLTH and Vice Loops, is a commendable step forward in the vaping world for 2024. Its strengths lie in its flavour variety, environmental consciousness, efficient battery, and cost-effectiveness. However, there's room for improvement in design sleekness, user interface (like a juice level indicator), and customization options such as airflow control. Despite these areas for improvement, the Loop Vape System is a strong contender in the market, especially for those looking for an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly vaping option.


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