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Arizer - ArGo


ArGo vaporizer from Arizer, also known as the Arizer Go. The ArGo vaporizer is simple and easy to use, maintenance free and provides thick, pure and tasty Convection Heated vapor in a small and pocket friendly form. Unlike previous Arizer portables, the Arizer Go's borosilicate glass mouthpiece sits deep inside the unit and the unique button activated push top keeps it fully protected when not in use.

All the power you need with High Capacity, Rechargeable, Interchangeable Batteries, USB charging and Use While Charging. The ArGo is powered by a single high-output Panasonic 18650 battery capable of providing around an hour and a half of usage per charge and is easily removable and can be swapped out very quickly. The Arizer Go reaches vaporization temperatures in less than a minute and is controllable down to the digit within a range of 50 - 220 C (122 - 428 F). Current temperature is displayed along with a battery gauge on the crisp OLED screen.

The Arizer Go is one of the most portable vaporizers available at only 8.9cm tall, 5cm wide, less than 142 grams (3.5" tall, 2" wide, less than 5oz) total weight and a loading capacity of around 0.15g. The Arizer ArGo is made in Canada to ensure quality, safety and reliability.