Frequently Asked Questions

VapeMeet Vape FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about vapes, e juice, disposables and more

About The Company

At VapeMeet, we strive to provide answers to all questions our customers may have about vaping, E Liquid, and our stores. To ensure you have access to the information you need, our team has put together a comprehensive Vape FAQ page that provides answers on everything from choosing the right E liquid to finding the best disposable vape near you in the GTA. No matter your level of experience, our Vape FAQ page can help. If you're just getting started with vaping or are looking to add another device, we'll have the answers you need.

Do I have to be 19+ to purchase from VapeMeet?

You must be 19+ to enter any of our locations and to browse and purchase from this website. We ship all orders with Canada Post's 19+ age verification option. You must show a valid government-issued ID for Canada Post to release the package to you. The name on the ID must match the name on the package.

I just ordered online. How long will my order take?

As we do our best to get every order out the same day. Sometimes orders can take a day or two to fulfill. Paid orders will ship the same day if ordered before 2:00pm. Orders paid for after 2pm, will ship out the next business day. In some cases please allow a few days. 

All orders ship via Canada Post.  Shipping times vary by location. If you are within the Greater Toronto Area, you should receive your order the next day. For out of province orders, pse allow 2-5 business days. A tracking number will be emailed to you once the order has been fulfilled. 

Is VapeMeet open on Holidays?

VapeMeet is CLOSED for all statutory holiday, excluding Boxing Day. Don’t worry though, you can still order online and your order will be processed the next business day.      

The Products

What is a personal vaporizor (E-Cigarette)?

A vapor cigarette (or e-cigarette or e-cig) is an electronic device that simulates the act of tobacco smoking. The device uses heat to vaporize a liquid solution into an inhalable aerosol mist. This mist is comparable to traditional tobacco smoke in a sense – similar appearance, sensation, flavor, nicotine content – but contains no tar and produces no smoke. 

What is an RDA?

RDA stands for "Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer"

RDA's are for advanced users and are not recommended for new vapers. 

Please make sure you have an understanding of Ohm's Law before using this product. 

An RDA allows you to build and wick your own coil to your desired resistance. You "drip" eliquid on to the wicks about every 3-6 draws. 

What is an RTA?

RTA stands for "Rebuildable Tank Atomizer"

RTA's are for advanced users and are not recommended for a new vaper. 

Please make sure you have an understanding of Ohm's Law before using this product. 

An RTA is a tank style rebuildable. It allows you to build and install your own coil to your desired resistance. 

Vape Safety

Is vaping for me?

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking - being a novel form of nicotine delivery without the smoke and tar of a cigarette.

Vaping allows the user to gradually reduce their nicotine intake by offering incrementally-lower nicotine strength products, continuing to no nicotine at all. Many users find that they now longer require nicotine in their liquids after they have reduced their levels to a certain point. 

Request advice from a medical professional before using any vaping product. Electronic cigarettes should not be used by, pregnant or nursing women, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or people taking medicines for asthma - and most important of all, electronic cigarettes should not be used by children.

In short, vaping offers those looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes a similar psychological and habitual experience another way.    

How do vaporizers Work?

Most electronic cigarettes are powered by a battery that heats a coil that is saturated with a liquid (e-Liquid). Most also contain computer chips which provide certain functions and information about the device and it's operation as well as a variety of safety features to ensure that the product works and consistently and as safely as possible. 

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is an organic compound found in certain plants, predominantly tobacco. It can also be found in lower quantities in tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, cauliflower, green peppers and in some teas. When absorbed in small amounts, nicotine can heighten alertness and/or instill a feeling of calm and relaxation. The effects of nicotine can last from minutes to hours, and the effects of the experience can be habit-forming.

What is in E-Liquid?

E-Liquids typically contain, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Nicotine and flavoring are also added to flavoured products and/or nicotine products respectively. Both PG and VG are commonly found in food, cosmetics and medicines.

What is Ohm's Law?                 

Awareness of Ohm’s Law is arguably the most important part of safely using a mechanical mod and RBAs. Ohm’s Law looks at the relationship between power, voltage, current, and resistance. It’s based around the amp of the battery – this amp rating is the current of the battery, in other words the ability of the battery to release the energy stored within it. If the battery is pushed beyond its limit, the battery can vent, which means dangerous chemicals leak from the battery, with a risk of it exploding.​

Firstly, check the resistance of your coil and work out the amps the coil will pull from the battery. You can do this by using this equation: Amps = Voltage ÷ Resistance. Don’t be put off, it’s quite simple. Use a multimeter to find out the voltage of your battery, and the resistance of your coil (be sure to work within a ±0.2 ohm range. The result should never exceed the amp rating of your battery. If it does, you’ll have to use a coil with a higher resistance. 


Failing to follow this advice and using a mechanical mod at a level that exceeds the battery’s upper amp limit is known as short circuiting the battery. It has the potential to burn out your battery, damage the mod and even explode. If you accidentally do this your batteries are dangerous and must be disposed of safely. Sub ohm vaping on a mechanical mod takes your device close to short circuiting, but keeps the resistance of the coil is just under the upper amp limit. Consequently, you should take extra care if sub ohm vaping on a mechanical mod.

What should I know about battery safety?                                  

The majority of our products are powered by batteries, and though Li-ion batteries are certainly very stable and safe, caution should be used when using and storing them. 

If your battery appears damaged in any way (tears in the plastic, condensation, rust, etc.) please dispose of it at a battery recycling facility or bring it into a VapeMeet retail location for an inspection and recommendation. 

Batteries should always be stored in such a way that covers the positive and negative contacts. Never store batteries "loose" in a purse or pockets, and never leave batteries in a car. 

Fortunately VapeMeet now provides free battery cases when purchasing batteries in multiples of two (2). 

Can I use an E-Cigarette if I'm pregnant?

It is not recommended to use an e-cigarette while pregnant or nursing. Please consult your physician for more information.