How and Why You Should Prime Your Vape Coils Before You Use Them
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How and Why You Should Prime Your Vape Coils Before You Use Them

Priming your vape coil is like giving your new vape a proper handshake before you start your vaping journey together. It's all about getting off on the right foot, or in this case, the right puff. Let's dive into the art of priming with a simple guide to ensure every vape session is nothing short of perfection.

Do You Have to Prime a Vape Coil?

Imagine taking a new sports car out without warming it up, and you hit the gas hard right away. That's not the best idea. It's similar to a new vape coil. Use it dry, and you ask for a burnt taste or a lacklustre vape experience. Priming is your guarantee against the dreaded dry hit, ensuring you get the full, rich flavour and clouds you're after from the start.

The Art of Priming Your Vape Coil


  1. Spot the Wicking Areas: Your coil is more than just a piece of your vape; it's the heart. Start by finding the wicking holes - these little windows into the soul of your vape where the white cotton peaks out. Add your vape liquid gently into each hole, allowing the cotton to drink up the juice. Keep rotating and adding drops until the cotton looks like it's just run a marathon - nice and damp.
  2. Install and Wait: Now that your coil's got its first taste of e-liquid, it's time to put it in its place, following the instructions unique to your device. Fill up the tank with your favourite juice, and then, here's the hard part - wait. Give it about 5-10 minutes. This patience pays off, letting the coil thoroughly soak up the goodness and get ready for the big leagues.
  3. The First Draws: After those long minutes have ticked by, grab your vape kit and take 3-5 sharp inhales without firing it up. This isn't for the clouds - it's to pull the liquid through and ensure the coil's ready to perform. But be cool - too much enthusiasm here could drown your coil in liquid.

Did You Overdo It?

So you got a bit excited, and now your coil's swimming in juice. No stress. Your coil isn't ruined- it just needs a good smack. Give your vape a few firm flicks when wrapped into a tissue - like the Heimlich maneuver for vapes. Do this until it stops sounding like it's underwater.

Knowing When to Toss Your Vape Coil

Coils don't last forever. Whether it's the burnt taste, a gurgling sound, or just a not-so-great flavour, these are signs it's time to part ways. Sweeter, thicker juices can be a coil's best friend and worst enemy, making them work harder and sometimes shortening the hangout.

Priming your coil is the secret handshake of the vaping world - showing respect to the coil that's about to give you some tremendous vaping moments. Remember, a well-primed coil means a happier vape and a happier you. So, give your coil the prime it deserves next time you're gearing up for a vape session.

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