Vuse ePod Review
Nick Taki

Vuse ePod Review

Sometimes, what a vaper needs is a simple, straightforward, no-frills vaping experience. Instead of looking at and adjusting features or refilling vape juice tanks, it's nice to just plug in a prefilled pod and be on your merry vaping way.

If you're looking for an easy vaping experience that still provides tasty flavour, then the Vuse Epod vaporizer and family of vape juices may intrigue you. It's not a disposable vape. Instead, it makes use of prefilled flavour e-liquids that are easy to load and easy to vape.

If you're in the market for an entry-level pod-style vaporizer, then take a closer look at what makes the Vuse ePod a worthwhile choice!

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Vuse Device
  • 1 x Vuse Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Look and Feel

The Vuse ePod is delectably small and discrete, making it an excellent choice for public vaping. It has a smooth, petite design that will feel great in your hand (and will easily be concealed in your hand, too).

You won't find any buttons on the Vuse ePod, as it relies on draw-fire technology to produce vapour. It does make use of an LED light to give information about whether it's on and firing, but there aren't any complicated features or settings to navigate through in order to use it.

The look and feel of the Vuse ePod are sleek and stripped-down, offering a very authentic "what you see is what you get" design. If you're looking for a discrete little travel buddy, the design of the Vuse ePod should be appealing.


The performance of the Vuse ePod is fantastic for the class of device it finds itself in. It sports a rechargeable 350mAh battery, which will get you about 275 puffs on most of their pre-filled cartridge options. Once the device is locked and loaded, all you need to do is begin to draw in, and the draw-fire mechanism will automatically begin to produce vapour.

Cartridges are locked into the device through a magnetic mechanism, so it's easy to know when your cartridge is properly loaded. This also eliminates any spills or messes that would occur with refillable vape juice tanks (and if you find yourself constantly making messes with refilling, then you should definitely consider a pod-style vape!)

Overall, the performance is solid. Since it uses Vuse branded vape cartridges, each 1.9mL pre-filled pod is designed to work seamlessly with the 6W of power provided by the Vuse ePod.

Final Verdict

The Vuse ePod is a wonderful draw-fire vaporizer that will be appealing to beginner vapers or experienced vapers looking for a low-cost, low-hassle, on-the-go vaping option. It really doesn't get much easier than plugging in a cartridge and immediately taking a hit.

As you can imagine, the Vuse ePod is not for everyone. Vapers looking for a full-fledged box mod experience may be disappointed with this device, as it is very limited in the adjustable features it offers. Those looking to stick to their favourite bottles of e-juice may be disappointed as well since the Vuse ePod uses prefilled cartridges.

However, for vapers looking to upgrade from disposable vapes to a slightly more cost-effective solution, or for those looking for a budget-friendly solution to vaping on the go, the Vuse ePod vaporizer is a quality choice!

Ready to try a Vuse? Check out the device and pods now!

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