VooPoo Drag Max Kit Review
Nick Taki

VooPoo Drag Max Kit Review

Voopoo is a vaping brand that has taken years to cement itself as a reputable, household name among those who love high-end box mods. While its product line varies significantly from model to model, you can count on getting a unique, e-liquid focused vaping experience that most users will love.

This is precisely what the Drag Max brings to the table. It's a box mod designed exclusively for e-liquid vaping in mind, with a unique tank attachment system, a full suite of customizable features, and different modes geared towards beginner and veteran vapers alike.

The Drag Max positions itself as a tantalizing option for an end-game vape juice device. If this sounds like what you're looking for, keep reading on to learn more!

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Drag Max Device
  • 1 x Tank
  • 1 x Coil - PNP-VM5 0.2ohm
  • 1 x Coil - PNP-VM6 0.15ohm
  • 1 x USB Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Look and Feel

The overall design of the Drag Max gives it a premium look and feel. The outside is a combination of leather and zinc alloy, which provides a fantastic high-end aesthetic (as well as being quite comfortable). The fire button and navigation features are also ergonomically placed around the 1.08in TFT display.

The display supports two different modes of use; a landscape and portrait layout of information on the screen. This helps cater to your specific design preference and makes it easy to read information on the display regardless of how you hold the Drag Max.

Finally, the included atomizer is magnetic, so gently pulls are all that's needed to remove it (and it will easily snap into place when you're ready to place it again). The Drag Max comes with two different coils, and switching between them is a breeze.

Overall, the Drag Max provides a look and feel that is unmistakably high-end. It will feel great in your hand, and you'll look great using it!


For vape juices, the Drag Max offers one of the best performances on the market. You'll get output power between 5-177W, voltage options between 6.4-8.4V, and it can read resistances between 0.1-3.0ohms. This versatility allows it to be compatible with any of the PNP coils sold by VooPoo!

Mixed in with that versatility are two power modes that help set the Drag Max from other powerful box mods. It supports a SMART mode, which will automatically detect which coil is being used and will set the power options accordingly. This is the ideal mode for beginners who aren't used to the technical specifics of the heating coils they've chosen.

However, many experienced vapers feel constricted by this kind of mode, which is why the Drag Max also supports an RBA mode. You'll be free to set the exact power settings you want with a given coil, which is perfect for creating a vaping experience that is uniquely you. Be warned, as this mode removes safety features such as coil-specific wattage ranges.

The kit will come with the PnP-VM5 and VM6 coil, which are ideal for freebase nicotine vaping (at a manufacturer recommended 10mg or less concentration). If you're interested in vaping higher concentrations of nicotine (especially salt nicotine e-liquids), you'll want to choose a PNP coil that has a higher resistance.

The Drag Max is powered by dual 18650 batteries (which are not included), but you'll get hours of continuous vaping with a fully charged set. Remember, if vaping at lower resistances, you'll go through the battery power more quickly, so keep an eye on the battery level on the display screen!

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a vape juice-exclusive device to be your new primary vaporizer, we couldn't recommend the Drag Max more. It offers a great style, a comfortable grip, a vibrant display screen, all of which come together to give an excellent vaping style.

The performance is also incredible, offering specific modes for beginners and experienced vapers while offering broad enough power options and resistance readings that all VooPoo PNP coils will operate perfectly on this device.

The only potential drawback is the lack of 510 threading. If you're looking to use other e-liquid tanks or attachments, you'll want to choose a box mod with universal threading. However, if you're fine with the library of available coils and a dedicated device for e-liquid vaping, you'll love the Drag Max!

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