Vaping in Hot Weather: How to Keep Your Device Safe and Yourself Comfortable
Ann Kornuta

Vaping in Hot Weather: How to Keep Your Device Safe and Yourself Comfortable

Summer is here, and for many of us, that means taking our vaping sessions outside to enjoy the warmer weather. However, it's important to remember that vaping in hot weather comes with risks. In this blog post, we'll dive into the potential dangers of vaping during the hot months and provide tips for staying safe. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the game, read on for our guide on how to vape safely in hot weather.

The Risks of Vaping in Hot Weather

Heat can impact the vaping experience in a few ways. Firstly, the heat can damage or thin out vape juice, resulting in leaks and burnt coils. This, in turn, can pose a danger to the user, as vaping devices tend to run on lithium-ion batteries that can explode or catch fire if not handled carefully. Excessive heat can also lead to dehydration and heat exhaustion, which the effects of nicotine can worsen.

It's important to remember that extreme heat can take a toll on your device. When the temperature rises, taking precautions is crucial to avoid burning through your coils. By taking it easy and allowing time for your device to cool down between hits, you can keep your vapour production at its best while avoiding damage. Also, keeping a backup device on hand is an excellent way to prevent unwanted downtime. So, next time you're vaping in the heat, take a deep breath, relax, and remember to give your trusty device the time it needs to stay cool and perform at its best.

Tips for Safe Vaping in Hot Weather

To avoid burning through coils or causing damage to your device, it's crucial to let your vape cool down between hits. You can also prevent overheating by inspecting your device for signs of excessive heat or other warning signals. During hot weather, there's also an elevated risk of counterfeit vapes, so it's essential to be aware of this and avoid using them. Consider alternative vaping methods like e-juice with lower nicotine levels, incorporating hydrating liquids, or switching to a cooling device.

As the temperatures outside begin to rise, it's important to be aware of the potential dangers that can come with it. One issue that has become increasingly prevalent is counterfeit vapes making their way into circulation. While vaping can be risky, fake products pose even more significant harm. These products can contain dangerous chemicals and other harmful substances, risking your health. With summer in full swing, it's essential to be vigilant when purchasing vapes. Stick to reputable retailers and manufacturers to ensure you're only vaping-safe products.

How to Maintain Your Vaping Equipment in Hot Weather

It's important to remember, like any other electronic device, your vape must be inspected regularly. Feeling excessive heat is crucial in checking your vape's health. Overheating can not only damage your device, but it could be a warning sign of other issues. By inspecting your vape regularly, you can ensure that you're getting the best possible experience and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Remember, safety always comes first when it comes to vaping.

How to check your vape for signs of overheating:

  • Feel the vape and check if it is physically warmer to the touch. If it heats up quicker when in use, it could be overheating. 
  • Does the device randomly shut off even when the batteries are in use? Just like your phone, your vape and other electronics might safe-shutdown when overheating to prevent damage.
  • Look and notice physical expansion around the battery area.

Storage is crucial when it comes to maintaining your vaping equipment in hot weather. Leaving your device in a hot car or other hot environment can make it malfunction or even explode. Be sure to store your gear in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

How to store your vape in the summer heat

  • Keep your vape out of direct sunlight
  • Carry your vape in a pouch or small bag 
  • Never put your vape in the fridge or a cooler to cool it down quickly 
  • Never leave your vapes in the car, especially on sweltering sunny days.

Additionally, cleaning and regularly maintaining your device can prevent debris buildup or other substances that could interfere with its function. Even something as innocent as putting your vape down on a patio table could result in any liquid left from drinks seeping into the device. The best way to ensure you are cleaning your vape regularly is to prevent messy situations before they happen. Also, consider other summer factors such as sand, dirt and sweat. It's all too easy to drop your vape into the sand at the beach or slip it into your back pocket where it could be exposed to moisture. 

How to Clean Your Vape 

  • Use a soft rag or paper towel to wipe down any debris on the outside of your vape
  • Never submerge your vape in liquid to clean it!
  • Clean your vape on the go by wiping it down between uses.

The worst thing that can happen is dropping your vape in water. Vapes are not waterproof! If the vape has been submerged in water from being pushed into the pool or falling into the lake, corrosion will occur and damage it. Sadly, water is the #1 killer of all electronic devices. If you drop a disposable vape in water, you can try wiping it down, but you risk fire or leak. Sadly, once water gets into your vape, it's a ticking countdown until it stops working, and it could potentially be a hazard to use, so we always recommend that you keep all vapes, disposable mods and pods away from water at all times.

Regularly check and replace the batteries in your vape device. It's recommended that you charge your battery in a well-ventilated area and never leave it unattended overnight or longer than necessary. Prevent your vape from overheating by avoiding using it while it's charging.

How to Test Your Vape Battery

  • If your vape battery is faulty, pay attention to its performance. If it no longer holds a charge for as long as before, produces weaker hits, or shows signs of leaking, these are all indications that it needs to be replaced.
  • On several vape pen models, if you press the button and notice the vape blinking three times, the battery is running very low and needs to be charged.
  • If the battery is charged, but the pen keeps blinking, it may be caused by low voltage. Low voltage often occurs due to weak battery connections, dirt, or misalignment.

Vaping can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, even during hot weather. However, it's important to prioritize your safety and take steps to minimize potential risks. Following the tips and suggestions outlined in this article, you can maximize your vaping experience while staying comfortable and healthy. We encourage our readers to practice safe vaping during hot weather conditions and always prioritize their safety and well-being while using these devices.

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