Ultra S-Style Fill Up Pods
Nick Taki

Ultra S-Style Fill Up Pods

We've all been there. You find a vape juice that looks like it was created just for you. All your favourite flavours are blended in, and you're fairly certain that your soul mate may be in that tiny bottle. Alas, you then realize that this heavenly flavour is not made in pre-packaged pods, leaving you faced with having to buy a new device to enjoy it or say farewell to potential true love.

However, fear not! For S-Style Fill Up Pods are here to save your heart and your wallet! Designed for use with STLTH vaporizers, these refillable pods are made to be filled with whatever e-juice you want! Gone are the days of being restricted to pod-made flavours, and here are the days of true flavour freedom.

Pod Specs

Each S-Style Fill Up Pods package comes with three empty pods that can hold 2mL of liquid each. While you are welcome to put any vape liquid you want into the pods, we recommend using e-juices made with salt nicotine for the best flavour experience. The flavour will stay fresh longer in a salt nicotine blend, too.

For best use with a STLTH vaporizer, you should shoot for blends that have 50VG/50PG or 60VG/40PG mixes for the best vaping experience. The STLTH vaporizer has a harder time creating enough tasty vapour clouds if the ratio is too skewed one way or the other.


S-Style Fill Up Pods are the perfect solution for enjoying the exact vape liquid you want all conveniently packaged in a pod for STLTH vaping. This is an excellent solution for vapers who have wanted to try STLTH vaporizers but have had a hard time landing on a vape liquid they think they would enjoy.

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