Ultimate 100 STLTH Pods Review
Nick Taki

Ultimate 100 STLTH Pods Review

Ultimate 100 has taken some of their most popular freebase nicotine blends and have formulated them with potent salt nicotine! Now you'll get the extra kick of nicotine you need while enjoying a great mouth and throat feel, not to mention the tasty flavours! You'll find Blue Blood, Extreme, and Love Pink in their STLTH pod lineup.

Ultimate 100 pods come in packs of three with each holding 2mL of liquid. All flavours are blended with either 35mg or 50mg salt nicotine concentrations in a 50VG/50PG blend ratio. The flavours really pop in these vape juice pods!

The Flavours

Ultimate 100 has taken three of their most popular flavours and rebooted them for salt nicotine lovers. Take a look below to see which e-liquids they've tweaked!

Blue Blood

Ultimate 100 has reformulated Blue Blood for salt nicotine, and the result is an absolute delight. Sweet blue raspberry flavours still dominate the vaping game, but the addition of salt nicotine gives it a healthy kick and satisfying sensation as you breathe it in and out. Blue Blood is a fantastic option for blue raspberry lovers!


The extreme part of Extreme is the heavy sour tastes that will coat your palate, brought to you buy sour apple! However, on the exhale, the smooth sweetness of peach will shine through, giving a nice overall balance to tart, sour, and smooth sweet flavours. The salt nicotine makes the whole experience just that much more satisfying, so give Extreme a try!

Love Pink

If you loved the classic mystery punch at your favourite parties, then you'll feel right at home with Love Pink. You'll taste a foundation of strawberry and lemon with cascading sweet flavours that will be quite a refreshing change from simple, classic flavours. Add the extra kick of salt nicotine, and you'll find quite a refreshing, sweet vaping experience!


Ultimate 100 offers a masterclass in how to transition popular freebase nicotine formulas into tasty salt nicotine recipes. You'll still find everything you love about the original flavours with everything you've come to love about salt nicotine.

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