Save Money on Vapes With the Best Weekly Deals at VapeMeet
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Save Money on Vapes With the Best Weekly Deals at VapeMeet

Take advantage of the chance to save big on your vaping journey! If you're a vaper, then you're no stranger to the pain of expensive e-liquid. But fear not because VapeMeet has impressive weekly deals to help you save on your favourite flavours! From "Buy Three E-Liquids, Get One Free" on Mondays to "Selected Salt Nic for $14.99" on Sundays, there's something sweet for everyone's taste. In this blog, I'll walk you through each weekly promotion and explain how you can benefit.

Monday: Buy Three E-Liquids, Get One Free

Saving money on vape juice can be easy, especially purchasing it in bulk. E-juice often has a shelf life of up to a year, allowing you to stock up on your favourite vape flavours without worrying about losing quality. You can save even more by earning free vape juice for stocking up!

If you enjoy various e-liquid flavours, VapeMeet's "Monday's Buy Three E-Liquids, Get One Free" deal may be perfect. Add four e-liquids to your cart to claim this offer, and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout on Mondays (make sure you add 4 vape juices to your online shopping cart on Mondays to access this deal online). You only need to purchase 3 e juices in store to get one free. 

Stocking up on e-liquids in bulk can be wise for vapers, saving money and ensuring a steady supply of your favourite flavours. Don't worry about running out anytime soon with VapeMeet's Monday Buy Three Get One Free deal.

Top up Tuesday: 20% Off E-Liquid with Coil or Pod Purchase.

If you're a vaper, you know that a great vape is more than just juice. To keep your gear running smoothly, coils and pods are essential. That's why it's important to stretch out their lifespan as much as possible. Have you ever tried making your coils last longer? Or you've dealt with a leaky pod but had to hold out until payday to replace it. We got you covered. Because we know that coils and pods are just as crucial as e-juice, we're here to help you save some money. Grabbing a good deal on coils and pods goes hand-in-hand with topping up your juice stock. 

VapeMeet offers 20% off e-liquids on Tuesdays when you purchase a coil or pod. Add both items to your cart to claim this promotion, and the discount will be automatically applied. In-store, remember to ask for juice when buying your pods to save.

Stocking up on coils or pods during this promotion can also save you money in the long run. Plus, you'll always have a spare on hand when needed, so you won't have to make an emergency trip to the store.

Wild Wednesday: Double Rewards Points

Are your vape bills adding up? We hear you! Wouldn't getting something back for every vape you buy would be great? And wouldn't it be great to get twice the points to help rank up faster? We thought of that at VapeMeet. That's why we have a rewards point system where you earn points on every purchase you can use on anything in the store if you sign up.

VapeMeet has a fantastic rewards programme allowing you to earn points for every purchase. On Wednesdays, you can make double the points for every dollar you spend. You can then redeem your points for discounts on future purchases.

Earning rewards points is an excellent way to save money on your e-liquid purchases at VapeMeet. Plus, the ability to redeem points for discounts means you'll be able to try even more flavours for less.

What you use your points on is all up to you! Save a quick $5 on your e juice purchase or bank up those points towards buying something larger like a new device, or saving on a huge order. It all adds up, and it's nice to know you get something back.

Thirty Thursday: 30% Off Selected Freebase E-Liquid

Are you tired of always getting the same vape juice and needing to switch things up, but you're scared you'll hate the flavour? What if you got a deal for just trying something new? Yeah, we've all been there before and taking a risk sounds more appealing when money isn't an option. 

On Thursdays, VapeMeet offers 30% off on selected freebase e-liquid. Freebase e-liquid is the standard form of e-liquid and is popular among vapers who enjoy intense throat hits.

The e-liquids in this promotion vary weekly, so check the VapeMeet website for specific details. This promotion is a great way to try new flavours while saving money.

Feature Friday: $5 Off Selected Flavours

Keeping on with that idea of saving money while trying new things, Friday is all about that. Saving cash on e juice is a good idea; you should be able to customize your vaping experience. 

On Fridays, VapeMeet offers $5 off selected flavours of e-liquid in an entire line. These flavours vary by week but are always worth trying.

If you enjoy trying new e-liquids, this promotion is perfect for you. Trying out new flavours can be expensive, so taking advantage of this promotion can save you money in the long run.

Salted Sunday: Selected Salt Nic for $14.99

Salt nic is a form of e-liquid that uses salt-based nicotine instead of the standard freebase nicotine. Salt nicotine is popular among vapers wanting a smoother, more discreet experience. On Sundays, VapeMeet offers selected salt nic flavours for $14.99.

The flavours in this promotion vary by week, so check the VapeMeet website for specific details. This promotion is a great way to try new salt nicotine flavours while saving money.

Everyday savings 

Okay, so that covers all the days of the week, but what are some other great incentives to make VapeMeet your go-to vape store? VapeMeet has other everyday deals you can use to save money!

Sign up and get our emails, and you can get 10% off your first purchase with us! Doing this also starts you collecting points every time you buy online or in-store at every VapeMeet.

  • Missed the Monday deal? Take advantage of stocking up and saving! We offer a great deal on all our e-liquid, available every Tuesday to Sunday. Save 15% on every purchase of 4 or buy six and enjoy a savings of 20%.

  • Are you looking for great deals on disposable vapes? Look no further! With our special offer, you can save big! Buy three disposable vapes and get a 10% discount, or buy five or more and enjoy a 15% discount! This is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on your favourite vapes and pay less. 

  • Check out our pre-filled STLTH-compatible pods! (Please note that "CLX Reload" pods are not applicable.) Are you buying 3? Save 10%! Are you looking to stock up? Buy seven or more and save a fantastic 15%! Don't wait to place your order!

  • With VUSE, you can now save $5 on every two packs! Take advantage of this amazing deal that brings you fantastic value and flavour.

  • Great news! You can now earn loyalty points towards discounts on our products! Earn 700 points to receive $5 off, 1200 points for $10 off, 2700 points for $25 off, and 5200 points for a whopping $50 off! Start earning today!

  • Read our Emails 

By signing up for our biweekly emails, you can stay on top of all the deals and savings we have at VapeMeet. 

Make the most out of your vapes!

If you want to save money on your e-liquid and vape-related purchases, VapeMeet's weekly deals have covered you! From "Monday's Buy Three E-Liquids, Get One Free" to "Salted Sundays," there's a promotion for every vaper to enjoy.

To make the most of these weekly deals, stock up on your e-liquids, coils, and pods. You can earn rewards points and try new flavours along the way. Check the VapeMeet website weekly to see which promotions are available, and start saving today!

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