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Rope Cut STLTH Pods Review

It can be hard to find a tobacco vape juice flavour that leaves you feeling like you just smoked a cigarette. However, Rope Cut gets the flavour and feel down just right! With the fantastic throat feel of salt nicotine and the well-crafted flavours blended in, you'll hardly believe you aren't smoking the real thing! You'll find several blends, including Dark Thirty, Loose Cannon, and Skipper.

Rope Cut vape pods come in packages of three, with 2mL of vape juice in each pod. All juices are available in 35mg or 50mg salt nicotine recipes, with 50VG/50PG blends for each flavour. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more authentic tobacco vaping experience!

The Flavours

Each of Rope Cut's recipes is tobacco focused, but they make each blend a unique taste experience. Read below to get the low-down on the tasting notes!

Dark Thirty

Dark Thirty takes great tasting tobacco flavour and mixes it with notes of plum, raisin, and rum. The result is a tobacco-based taste with forward sweet-notes both in the inhale and exhale, while the subtle rum notes are noticeable in the aftertaste. If you like your tobacco with extra sweetness mixed in, then zero in on Dark Thirty.

Loose Cannon

Loose Cannon brings a savoury flavour to the table, with refreshing tobacco notes mixed in with nuts and caramel. The result is a salty, but not too salty, peanutty taste on the inhale and gentle, sweet caramel notes on the exhale. If you like tobacco but not the super sweet notes, then Loose Cannon should be loaded in your shopping cart!


If you envision yourself smoothly sailing across the seas, then the smooth tastes of Skipper should hoist your sails! You'll find a perfectly blended tobacco-custard flavour, with gentle vanilla notes mixed in with a full-bodied, mouth-coating flavour. If you love thick, creamy custard notes mixed in with tasty tobacco, then take a second look at Skipper!


Rope Cut is the high-quality tobacco STLTH pods you've been looking for. Each blend is more than just "tobacco" and offers unique and delicious tasting notes. Whether you want sweet, savoury, or creamy, you'll find a tobacco flavour you love in Rope Cut.

Find the perfect pack of pods? If you’ve made it this far in our review, this may be the right line for you! Check out the Rope Cut STLTH Pods collection page to shop now!