Refresh Your Vaping Experience: Breeze Pro's Back with More Flavours and a 0% Nicotine Option!
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Refresh Your Vaping Experience: Breeze Pro's Back with More Flavours and a 0% Nicotine Option!

The much-loved Breeze Pro is back in stock at VapeMeet and is better than ever. No matter what kind of vaper you are, the Breeze Pro's expanded 2K Puff range has something for everyone. And for those looking to cut back on nicotine or quit altogether, we've got exciting news: Breeze Pro now features a 0% nicotine option catering to all your vaping preferences.

Breeze Pros: Still a Crowd Favourite

Your requests haven't gone unnoticed. We're excited to reintroduce your favourite flavours in the nicotine strengths you've been asking for:

  • Blue Raspberry Flavour: Get ready to be swept away by the tangy sweetness of blue raspberries. It's an all-time favourite for a reason – vibrant, refreshing, and utterly irresistible.
  • Strawberry Watermelon Flavour: This classic duo of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelons creates a harmonious, thirst-quenching blend. It's like a slice of summer in every puff.
  • Tropical Summer Flavour: Picture yourself on a beach with every inhale. This tropical fruit medley transports you to paradise, making every moment a mini-vacation.

Introducing: Raspberry Lemon with No Nicotine

We're introducing Raspberry Lemon in a nicotine-free version for the first time. Experience the zesty, fruity goodness without any nicotine. It's perfect for those seeking pure flavour enjoyment or transitioning away from nicotine.

Each flavour is available in a 20mg nicotine strength, except Raspberry Lemon, offering a unique 

nicotine-free experience.

0% Nic Breeze Pro

Why Choose 0% Nicotine Vapes?

You might wonder, who opts for a 0% nicotine vape? Remember, many of us started vaping as a stepping stone to quit smoking. For some, vaping is a casual habit – a healthier alternative to cigarettes during social gatherings or a means to reduce nicotine intake gradually. Others are on the brink of quitting entirely and find comfort in the motions of vaping without the nicotine pull. Whatever your reason, the Breeze Pro's nicotine-free option offers the perfect solution.


With the Breeze Pro's return, VapeMeet continues to cater to every vaper's needs. Whether you're reducing your nicotine intake, quitting, or simply in it for the flavour, our expanded Breeze Pro range has got you covered. Drop by VapeMeet to rediscover your favourites or try something new with the Raspberry Lemon. Refresh your vaping adventure today!

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