Lemon Drop STLTH Pods Review
Nick Taki

Lemon Drop STLTH Pods Review

We've all been there. You're searching for a new vape juice flavour all the while kidding yourself that you want any other recipe besides sour. However, you're tired of plain sour. You want a new, fresh new sour, full of new flavour blends that excite and entice, all the while staying true to their solidly sour roots.

Sound like your situation? Then take a look at Lemon Drop, a sour-dedicated flavour line exclusively for STLTH vapes! Lemon Drop vape juices come in packs of three, each with 2mL of e-liquid. All flavours have a 50VG/50PG blend and are available in 20mg, 35mg, and 50mg salt nicotine concentrations.

The Flavours

Lemon Drop offers fantastic flavour blends that all stay true to their mouth-puckering origins. Take a look to see if a blend catches your eye!


Peach Pods combine the super sour taste of lemon and the juicy, smooth sweetness of peach to create a perfectly balanced vape juice! The tart lemon sourness will hit on the inhale, with the peach sweetness blending in on the exhale, cutting the sour sharpness and leaving a pleasantly blended, citrusy aftertaste. This is a great choice for vapers that like sour, but not too sour!


Fans of pink lemons rejoice! Pink Pods deliver a delicious blend of classic tart and sweet flavours. This is a great recipe for vapers that love sharp tartness but want a bit of flavour variety beyond simply lemon.


Finally, vapers looking for a true punch to the palate will adore Punch Pods. You'll find a blend of a variety of different fruity flavours, all anchored to a pleasantly sour base. You'll love Punch Pods for delivering a delicious flavour that offers complexity and depth beyond just being sour.


If you are a fan of sour flavours, Lemon Drop is a must-have. Whether you want soft sourness, straightforward sourness, or simply a big blend of tasty flavours, sour lovers will find something they can't get enough of in the Lemon Drop line!

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