Hyppe Bar Review
Nick Taki

Hyppe Bar Review

Gone are the days of refilling oil tanks and hassling with messy spills, and here are the days of the Hyppe Bar! It's a pre-filled disposable vape that is designed to be easy and discrete to use, but it's more than just a flashy design. Hyppe Bar disposable vapes come in a variety of delicious fruity flavours, including Apple Ice, Guava Ice, Mango Lychee, Strawberry Banana, and Tropical Mix.


Hyppe Bar disposable vapes feature a convenient draw-fire mechanism that even brand new vapers will find easy to use. Each vape comes equipped with1.3mL of vape juice and a 280mAh battery, which is good for about 300 puffs. Vapour is produced on a coil with a 1.5ohm resistance.

Hyppe Bar disposable vape juices are blended with 50mg salt nicotine concentrations (about 5% concentration) and are blended with a 50VG/50PG mix. 

The Flavours

Hyppe Bar disposable vapes focus on fruity or minty blends using popular, well-known flavours. Take a look to see which vape liquid would fit you best!

Apple Ice

The tart sweetness of apple gets blended with tasty mint to create the crisp, refreshing blend of Apple Ice. The apple tartness will hit your cheeks on the inhale, while the minty sweet blend is very pronounced on the exhale. Apple Ice is a tasty way to beat the heat during oppressively hot summer days.

Guava Ice

If apple taste isn't your jam, then maybe the exotic sweetness of Guava Ice will be up your alley. From inhale to exhale, you'll experience creamy, smooth guava sweetness all wrapped up in a pleasantly minty mix. If you like tropical flavours and mint, then give Guava Ice a try!

Mango Lychee

For more of a topical experience, Mango Lychee offers a smooth, pleasantly sweet experience. When you exhale, you'll catch a mouthful of delicious notes besides smooth mango. You'll taste pear and even a bit of rose (the classic tasting notes of Lychee). This is a great blend for vapers looking for something a bit different and very tasty!

Strawberry Banana

It's really hard to mess up two flavours that are so complementary, and Strawberry Banana by Hyppe Bar is no exception. From the time the vapour first hits your mouth to long after you exhale, the sharper sweetness of strawberry and the smooth, creamy sweetness of banana constantly cascade over your mouth. Strawberry Banana is our favourite from Hyppe Bar, and we're sure you'll agree!

Tropical Mix

Can't decide on a flavour? Choose of all them with Tropical Mix! You'll taste all kinds of your favourite fruit flavours, including pineapple, mango, and several others! This is a vibrantly sweet blend that will transport you to a tropical paradise!


Hyppe Bar provides tasty fruity blends with which you will get along famously! Whether you're looking for more simple blends, like Apple Ice, or more complex blends, like Tropical Mix, we're sure you'll land on a Hyppe Bar flavour that hits just right!

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