HorizonTech Falcon 2 Tank Review
Nick Taki

HorizonTech Falcon 2 Tank Review

HorizonTech scored a huge homerun when they released the Falcon King vape tank. It was a gorgeous tank with unbeatable flavour and performance, which made it a quick favourite among sub-ohm vapers. The King continues to reign as an excellent vaping choice, but HorizonTech has released a sequel that usurps the throne: the Falcon 2!

The Falcon 2 vape tank keeps what you loved about the king (solid e-liquid capacity, a gorgeous design, and a high-quality build), but it brings an update to its design to give better flavour and a few other quality of life adjustments.

Let's take a look at what makes the Falcon 2 an improvement over the fantastic Falcon King e-liquid vape tank.

Falcon 2 Look and Feel

The Falcon 2 keeps many of the features and designs that you've come to love from the King. The drip tip is a fantastic resin design (which comes in several different options), which sits on top of the glass tube that holds just a bit more than 5mL of your preferred vape liquid (when using the options bubble glass tank). With an overall size of 25x56mm, the Falcon 2 will rest comfortably on most box mods.

Like the King, the Falcon 2 vape tank features a slide top (which you can move by pressing against the arrow decal on the top cap), which reveals a convenient top-filling port. It's very unlikely you'll have issues with spills or messes with such an easy-to-use filling system, even if you are refilling while on the go.

At the base of the tank, you'll find options adjusting the large airflow ports. Proper airflow is vital when using a tank designed for sub-ohm vaping. The Falcon 2 continues the tradition of the King by providing more than ample airflow.

HorizonTech has also made some design adjustments, the most important being that the gasket on the slide-to-fill top has been slightly altered to make leaks and drips far less likely (one of the very few drawbacks of the King).

Overall, the look and feel of the Falcon 2 are what you've come to expect from HorizonTech, while still providing some excellent quality-of-life improvements to an already solid design.

Vape Tank Performance

The Falcon 2 enjoys a great boost in performance over the King (not that the King is bad, the Falcon 2 simply manages to somehow improve on its performance!) You'll find new and improved coils with this tank, with the Falcon 2 making use of .014 ohm Sector Mesh Coils. Unfortunately, the Falcon 2 does not have backward compatibility with previous HorizonTech coils. Keep that in mind if you're used to changing between a library of different coil options.

The Sector Mesh Coils are the key to the enhanced flavour and vapour production. With a design that keeps vapour more concentrated to provide a robust, vibrant flavour with your preferred e-liquids. Combine this with the excellent adjustable airflow, and you'll be blown away by the flavour quality the Falcon 2 provides, even at its modest 60-75W rating.

You don't get backward compatibility with coils because the Falcon 2 coils have easy installation. They are "press to install" coils, which makes it easier than ever to replace ageing coils and maintain flavour quality.

Overall, the performance of the Falcon 2 was extremely impressive. Even with the lack of coil options, the quality of vapour the Sector Mesh Coils produced didn't leave us wishing we could exchange coils.


HorizonTech has again topped itself with the Falcon 2. They kept the best parts of the King while making minor adjustments to correct the very few pitfalls that the King faced. With a redesign coil system, not only is it easy to get fantastic vapour but replacing coils is now a very user-friendly process. This is something that should appeal to both veteran and beginner vapers.

As much as we like the Falcon 2, it could be a better fit for some. Those who want to stick with salt nicotine e-juices may find the vapour produced too concentrated. We recommend higher resistance coils for those that enjoy salt nicotine vaping. Also, fans of high-wattage vaping will want to consider another tank (the Falcon 2 tops out at 75W).

The limitations of the Falcon 2 are very slight, and for vapers who are ready for a high-quality e-liquid tank that produced incredible flavour, we can't recommend the HorizonTech Falcon 2 strongly enough!

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