Ghost Max Disposable Review

Ghost Max Disposable Review

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a disposable vape is how short their lifespan is. Whether it's the battery dying while there's still vape juice or burning through a tiny vape liquid tank in no time, disposable vapes can have a frustratingly brief life.

Unless you find yourself with a Ghost Max Disposable. This device is the largest disposable vape we carry, featuring a capacity of 6mL and coils with 1.3ohms of resistance. It's powered by one of the largest batteries you'll find in a disposable vape, a whopping 1050mAh beast that is good for around 2,000 puffs!

All Ghost Max Disposable flavours are available in 20mg or 50mg salt nicotine concentrations.

If you're looking to take the frustration out of disposable vaping, then Ghost Max is a must-buy, as long as you like the flavours offered!

The Flavours

You'll find some familiar favourites for fans of the Ghost brand when browsing flavours. Take a look at their fruity blends (and some one-of-a-kind recipes) to see what might grab your taste bud's attention!

Banana Ice

Cool meets creamy smooth in Banana Ice! You'll find the sweet, gentle creaminess of Cavendish bananas wrapped around cool blasts of mint. If you love banana and love mint, then the unlikely pairing will be a smash hit for your mouth!

Blue Razz

What's a fruit blend flavour line without a delicious blue raspberry blend? Blue Razz will hit all the right notes, included balanced tastes of sweet and sour, all followed up raspberry tartness on the exhale. Fans of blue raspberry will feel right at home with Blue Razz.

Green Apple Ice

Instead of smooth, creamy banana, this minty blend takes sweet, tart green apple and splashes it with an arctic blast of flavour! You'll pucker up on the initial inhale, but the cool mint helps to balance things out by the time you exhale. If you like green apple and mint, then Green Apple Ice is another fantastic blend to try!


While Hyper may not give you a burst of energy, its accurate flavour is sure to remind you of those times you needed an extra boost! Paired with a touch of cooling and the kick of salt nicotine, Hyper is an easy choice for vapers that love the taste of energy drinks!


While you will definitely say omg when you try O.M.G., remember that it's orange, mango, and guava hitting your palate instead of a call to the divine. The three fruity flavours blend wonderfully to create a smooth, sweet vapour that has just a bit of tang. If you're looking for something different and tropically oriented, then give O.M.G. a puff!

Peach Ice

Another boon for mint lovers, Peach Ice provides its own twist on the blend. Instead of smooth or tart notes, you'll find juicy, bright sweetness mixed in with clouds of cool mint. Peace Ice is another amazing addition to the icy blends in Ghost Max Disposables, and if you love fruity, minty recipes, then you gotta try Peach Ice!

Pink Lemon

Perfect as a summertime treat, Pink Lemon will provide the delicious, tart, and sour flavour you need to beat the heat. You'll find a pleasant blend of lemon and grapefruit and some extra added sweetness, which will bite your cheeks from inhale, to exhale, and beyond! If you like bitey sour flavours, then Pink Lemon should be in your shopping cart.

Razz Currant Ice

The newest addition to the Ghost Max lineup is a knockout! Razz Currant Ice combines juicy raspberries with the delicate sweet and tangy tastes of blackcurrant and finishes off with a blast of mint. If you like sweet, fruity flavours with a cool exhale, then Razz Currant Ice is currently waiting for you!

Strawberry Banana

It should come as no surprise to see the classic pairing of Strawberry Banana in the Ghost Max flavour lineup. You'll get perfect blends of banana creaminess and sharp strawberry sweetness from the moment the vapour hits your mouth until well after it leaves. If you're a fan of this flavour pairing, then Ghost Max's take will leave you extremely pleased.

Strawberry Kiwi

Strawberry Kiwi provides a delicious blend of sweet and tangy that you'll absolutely love. The sweet hits on the inhale with the kiwi tanginess on the exhale. Vapers looking to make a change from more traditional, single fruit recipes will love giving Strawberry Kiwi a go!

Watermelon Ice

Finally, Ghost Max brings one final minty blend to the table: Watermelon Ice! You'll get the sweet, juiciness of watermelon (which will be a bit more sweet-forward than peach), all swirled in with delectable notes of mint. Watermelon Ice is another great flavour for hot, summer days!


Ghost Max Disposable brings an impressive line of flavours to their biggest disposable yet! You'll find their most popular flavours here, all with huge 6mL capacities and extra-long battery life. If you are already a fan of Ghost's flavours or are just looking to take the frustration out of disposable vaping, then you owe it to yourself to give Ghost Max Disposables a try!