Decoded STLTH Pods Review
Nick Taki

Decoded STLTH Pods Review

Decoded takes your favourite fruit flavours and creates bright and tasty blends all packed into STLTH pods. You'll find satisfying recipes like Atlantis Pods, Bloop Pods, and RongoRongo Pods. Decoded works directly with STLTH to ensure pod compatibility.

Decoded Pods come in packs of three with 2mL of e-juice in each pod. Decoded e-liquids come in your choice of 35mg or 50mg salt nicotine varieties with a 50VG/50PG ratio. This blend will help you get a satisfying throat feel, plenty of vapour, with a solid emphasis on making sure tasty fruit notes shine through!

The Flavours

Decoded e-liquid pods offer complex blends of fruity recipes that will leave you coming back again and again. Take a look to see what fruity blends you can expect.

Atlantis Pods

Atlantis pods are an incredible blend of sharp and smooth sweetness with a perfect kick of tartness. Sharp pineapple, smooth guava, and tangy blueberry all come together to create a pleasant, gentle e-liquid that is perfect for casual, all-day vaping.

Bloop Pods

The e-juice in Bloop Pods is going to send you on a sweet adventure featuring two of your favourite flavours, watermelon and kiwi! Expect this vape juice to be very sweet forward with gentle watermelon, and tangy kiwi tastes shining through on the exhale. Bloop pods are a great rendition of the classic combo of watermelon and kiwi!


It's hard to go rongo (heh) with RongoRongo vape pods. This recipe is crisper than Atlantis or Bloop pods, featuring a tart combo of strawberry and citrus with subtle cucumber tasting notes. RongoRongo is a wonderfully refreshing option that is a great change in pace from more traditional fruit blends!


Decoded vape pods are a tasty choice for STLTH vapers looking for original blends of fruit flavours that will give your taste buds a fantastic vaping experience. All Decoded pods are guaranteed to work with STLTH vaping systems, so pick out a flavour that sounds good and try one today!

Find the perfect pack of pods? If you’ve made it this far in our review, this may be the right line for you! Check out the Decoded STLTH Pods collection page to shop now!

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