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Captain Oliver's E-Liquid Review

In a world full of fruity, sweet e-juices, Captain Oliver's stakes its claim as the leader in custard-flavoured vape juice. While they aren't the only vape juice brand with a custard flavour, they are among the very few that offer an entire line of custard e-liquids. Flavours include Admiral Cavendish, Corsair, Galleon, Gibbon's Grog, Rumrunner, and Tradewinds.

Captain Oliver's vape juices come in 60mL and 120mL bottle sizes and are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg freebase nicotine concentrations. The VG/PG ratio is 75VG/25PG, which is how Captain Oliver nails not only the flavour but also the mouthfeel of custard, too!

The Flavours

Captain Oliver's e-liquid comes in unique flavours, and the names are more creative than descriptive. We'll break down the tasting notes of each flavour to make sure you have a solid understanding of what each vape juice offers.

Admiral Cavendish

If you have tried banana flavoured vape juice before and liked it, then Admiral Cavendish is a must-have. It has a genuine banana taste that melts into a creamy pudding flavour as you exhale, making it perfect for banana vape juice enthusiasts!


We love lemon, which makes Corsair one of our favourites in this line. It's not sour like lemon candy, but rather sweet like lemon bread or lemon pudding. The sweet, citrus taste followed by the full-bodied pudding aftertaste is an experience you have to taste to believe!


Reminiscent of a blueberry custard pie, Galleon mixes the perfect taste of sweet, tart, and creamy. The sweet, tart flavour will hit on the inhale, and the smooth vanilla custard will fill your mouth when you exhale the large vapour cloud. Galleon is a great vape juice choice for those wanting a custard finish with just a bit of a tarty bite to it.

Gibbon's Grog

Gibbon's Grog is essentially pumpkin pie custard, which makes it rank right up there with Corsair. You'll get the sweet spice notes of traditional pumpkin pie filling, the smooth pumpkin flavour, and the additional smoothness of a vanilla custard base.


An excellent vaping choice for the holidays! Rumrunner combines the smooth vanilla custard base with the rich, sweet taste of eggnog. Discerning vapers will also pick up subtle notes of rum in the exhale, making rumrunner a fantastic holiday treat you can enjoy year-round!


No suite of e-liquid flavours is complete without a mint option, and Tradewinds offers one of the most unique takes on traditional mint vape juice. It mixes the taste of Creme de Menthe liqueur with the standard vanilla custard base to make a thick, smooth, minty experience. A very different take on mint vaping, and one that we love!


Captain Oliver's e-juices are a unique line that every vaping enthusiast should try at least once. The rich, smooth, custardy flavours are a great twist on some of the basic tastes you've come to love. The line also easily creates large vapour clouds, which helps mimic the mouthfeel of a thick, rich custard with each puff!

The brand also offers other juices that are hard to find (like pumpkin pie), which helps the brand stand-out as a different yet enjoyable vaping experience. Captain Oliver offers a high-end vaping experience without requiring a high-end vaping budget.

Find an interesting flavour in this review? Check out Captain Oliver's e-liquid now!