Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer Review
Nick Taki

Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer Review

Compact, discrete, and full-featured are hard highlights to cram into one device. Usually, full-featured vaporizers are larger and not great for stealthy vaping, while more compact models sacrifice features in order to be easier to use in public.

If you would prefer to not compromise between discrete use and a full suite of features, the Boundless CFC 2.0 may prove to be a great match. It's designed with stealthy public use in mind while holding onto high-end features that experienced vapers want to have a satisfying vaping experience.

Interested? Then read below to take a closer look at the Boundless CFC 2.0.

Look and Feel

The CFC 2.0 is designed to comfortably fit and be concealed in your grip. It's about 5in long and has a slender profile, meaning it will almost entirely disappear in the palms of most vapers. You'll find a large power button located above the LED display (which shows battery level, temperature settings, and a few other data points).

Below the screen, you'll find two physical buttons that allow you to toggle through the menu, including navigating through the precision heating options. The design is simple and ergonomic and both beginner and experienced vapers will find handling a breeze.

Cleaning and maintenance are very straightforward. Just keep an eye on the filter screens in the mouthpiece, as well as the mouthpiece itself, and be sure to remove spent cannabis after you are done with your vape session. If at all possible, avoid storing cannabis in the heating chamber between uses.

The look and feel of the CFC 2.0 are simple but high-end, putting it in a great position to please a large variety of different vapers!


Though the device is pretty compact, the performance is wonderful. The CFC 2.0 uses an internal 18650 battery to quickly heat the all-ceramic heating chamber. It will reach your temperature settings in about 30 seconds! You can change the heat settings degree by degree on the digital interface, and it supports a range between 140-446F.

The CFC 2.0 can hold 0.3g of cannabis, which will give you plenty of puffs in a single load. Combine the load capacity with the battery power, and you'll easily get all-day vaping while on the go (you can expect around an hour of active vaping at around the 400F temperature setting).

Should you find yourself in a more private setting, the CFC 2.0 comes with a water pipe adapter, so you can get the smoothest, crispest flavour possible without needing to juggle multiple devices or transition between the vaporizer and a traditional water pipe.

Overall, the performance provides great vapour flavour and production and offers a nice change in pace should you want to use a water pipe!


If you want a device that packs great features into a slim, discrete form factor, then the Boundless CFC 2.0 is a choice that will treat you well. You get an ergonomic, stealthy design, ample battery power, precision heating options, and even great attachments to shake up your vaping style.

There are not many downsides to the CFC 2.0, though if you don't absolutely need a vaporizer this compact there are a few things to consider. The vapour path is not all glass (like other high-end models), the cannabis capacity is petite when compared to larger vapes, and larger vapes also offer more power for longer vaping sessions. Of course, the main trade offs here are the compact design and budget-friendly price, which is where the CFC 2.0 excels.

For those that are looking for a fantastic, travel-friendly vaporizer, the Boundless CFC 2.0 is a sure-fire choice!

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