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Aspire Favostix Pod System Review

Vape pod kits can have a reputation for being extremely limited, basic devices that offer little to no customization while you vape. Product limitations can be a deal-breaker for vapers, even for those who are willing to make some performance compromises in exchange for a sleek, easy-to-use design.

If this sounds like a problem you've faced, then you should take a long, hard look at the Aspire Favostix. It sports a user-friendly pod system but manages to include a handful of features that many other pod vapes fail to provide.

Looking for a pod vape that packs a punch? Read on to learn more about the Aspire Favostix.

Look and Feel

As you may have gathered from the name, the Favostix sports a traditional pen/stick vape design. It measures 25x13.6x113.2mm, which makes it easy to pack, travel with, and discretely use in more public settings. Most adult-sized hands will conceal the body of the vape, which helps to provide incognito public use.

You'll find two different pods that come with the Favostix, each with unique coils that provide 2-3mL of vape juice capacity. There is a single button on the device, which serves to power the device, fire the device (unless you want to use the auto-draw feature) and navigate through heating options, which are shown on the 0.43in OLED screen at the bottom of the device.

The overall design gives a sleek, modern aesthetic with features you wouldn't usually expect to find on a pod system.


The performance of the Favostix will be one of the best you will find in a pod vape, especially because of the amount of customization offered. As we mentioned, the kit comes with two different pods containing different coils. One offers 0.6ohms of resistance on Kanthal AF coils, and the other offers 1.0ohms of resistance also on Kanthal AF coils.

The Favostix offers adjustable wattage ranging between 1-30W, though the included pods support between 12-18W output. It keeps the door open for new pods with higher or lower wattage requirements to continue to be compatible with the Favostix without needing to invest in an entirely new device.

Performance is powered by a 1000mAh rechargeable battery, and given the petite power requirements of the pod coils, you'll find that all-day vaping is a breeze with the Favostix.

Overall, the Favostix offers enough customization to provide quality performance for a wide range of vape juices and to satisfy the needs and wants of a variety of users.


The Aspire Favostix is a compelling choice for many different vaping needs. It is positioned fantastically to be an entry-level device for beginner vapers, especially those who may not be used to refillable pods but are intimidated by complicated box mod/vape tank setups. Even experienced vapers will appreciate the Favostix as a secondary or travel device, given its impressive suite of features and excellent physical design.

For vapers looking for a fully-featured vaping experience, you'll be better served by more expensive box mod/vape tank pairings. This is especially true if you want a larger vape juice capacity, higher wattage output, or want a wider selection of coils to choose from.

For beginners, or experienced vapers looking for a high-quality secondary device, the Aspire Favostix is going to be a tough choice to beat. If you've never tried a pod-style device before, the Favostix is an excellent place to begin!