ALLO Ultra 2500 - The Newest Disposable Vape from Allo
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ALLO Ultra 2500 - The Newest Disposable Vape from Allo

We've all been there before: you're happily vaping away, enjoying your favourite e-juice, when suddenly, you run out of battery. It's frustrating and inconvenient, especially if you need a backup device. That's where the new Allo Ultra 2500 disposable vape comes in handy. With an impressive 2500 puffs and a 1500mAh battery, it's an excellent choice for those "just in case" moments. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to carry wherever you go. Whether you're running errands or hanging out with friends, you can trust this disposable vape to deliver a satisfying vaping experience.


Why do we like disposable vapes? 

Disposable vapes have been getting popular lately, and it's no surprise why. They're super convenient for those who want to avoid carrying a big vape, making them great for travelling, hitting the bar or even flying. Plus, they make a top backup vape and let you try new flavours without buying a whole juice bottle. With their easy use, flavour variety and portability, it's no wonder people choose disposables as their go-to.


Looking at the new Allo Ultra for the first time


I've been a fan of Allo vapes for a while now. The signature flavour and nicotine hit are so great about them. Disposable vapes aren't all equal, and each brand has its differences. Allo's flavours are milder than bolder vapes like Flavour Beast, but that's okay. Sometimes you want manageable flavours, and savouring a lighter hit is nice.


The latest Allo Ultra 2500 stands out with its impressive count of 2500 puffs - a significant upgrade from its predecessors that only had 1600 hits. The addition of a powerful battery gives the vape a much beefier appearance. Despite its larger size, the device retains the classic Allo look and branding, featuring a white pen-style design with an Allo wrapper in various colours. While Allo disposables may not be as visually appealing as some competitors, they make up for it with their exceptional taste and performance. In addition to the increased puff count, other changes have been made to the new Allos. Keep reading to find out more.


Features and Benefits of ALLO Ultra

The ALLO Ultra 2500's advanced mesh coil technology enhances the flavour of the vape, making it taste fresher and more potent. This technology also ensures the device produces a consistent vapour flow, providing a smooth vaping experience every time. Its smart chipset technology maximizes the device's battery life and can deliver a mammoth 2500 puffs. Its compact design makes it easy to carry in your pocket or purse.


The New Allo Ultra 2500 Flavours at VapeMeet 


Allo Ultra 2500 Blackcurrant Lychee Berries Disposable Vape Pen

You must try the Allo Ultra 2500 Blackcurrant Lychee Berries if you're into sharp-and-sweet combos. I initially hesitated about the lychee, but it tasted terrific - my gamble was worth it! It's got punchy blackcurrants, exotic lychee, and juicy berries all mixed up. So unique and so worth it!


Allo Ultra 2500 Blue Raspberry Apple Disposable Vape Pen

Get ready for a flavour explosion with Allo Ultra 2500 Blue Raspberry Apple. I'm a massive fan of anything that says it's blue raspberry, even though it's not a natural fruit in real life. It's got that sour blue raspberry taste and the tangy zing of apples - so good, you'll keep coming back for more. If you're all about sweet and tangy, this one's for you.


Allo Ultra 2500 Orange Mango Guava Disposable Vape Pen

Have you ever tried guava fruit? Imagine crossing a strawberry with a pear, and voila! You have guava. Now, try Allo Ultra 2500 Orange Mango Guava for a delightful tropical vaping experience. The tangy oranges, zesty guava, and luscious mangos make it super tasty. Every puff offers smooth clouds you'll love.


Allo Ultra 2500 Pineapple Citrus Disposable Vape Pen

Pineapples always overpower me, but the combo of pineapple and lime in this disposable Allo Ultra 2500 vape is incredible – as I am already sick of the usual pineapple blends with coconut or mango. The lime puts this pineapple flavour to the next level. Imagine being on a tropical island, soaking the sun in with every puff of this divine fruity mix.


Allo Ultra 2500 Fruity Explosion Disposable Vape Pen

This fruity vape is straight-up fruity. They say it's a secret fruity flavour blend, but let's say it's fruity and delicious - like those Runtz sweets. Give it a try, and prepare to have your mind blown! Check out Allo Ultra 2500 Fruity Explosion for a wild and colourful burst of juicy fruit in every puff. It's seriously the ultimate treat for your taste buds, and you won't be able to get enough.



The ALLO Ultra 2500 is an excellent disposable vape device providing a robust and satisfying experience. It's an ideal upgrade for vapers looking for a device with long-lasting battery life, high puff count, and advanced coil technology. Plus, it's convenient and easy to use, with no refilling required. We recommend trying the ALLO Ultra and experiencing its unique features yourself! Get it in several flavours and nicotine strengths at VapeMeet.


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