Allo Disposable Review
Nick Taki

Allo Disposable Vape Review: 1 of The Best Disposable Vapes

In this Allo disposable vape review, we'll take a closer look at why this disposable vape are worth considering for your next vape purchase!

With a variety of flavors, quality ingredients, and a long-lasting vaping experience, Allo Ultra  disposable vapes provide an enjoyable and convenient way to get your daily dose of nicotine. Disposable vapes have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and Allo Disposables are among the best on the market.  

Many vapers don't want to hassle with loading vape juice into tanks or finding pods, and that's where disposables shine. Allo offers a fantastic disposable vape option, with a simple device that creates impressive clouds of tasty vapour. All you have to do is start puffing!

Allo offers a wide range of flavours to choose from, each packed into a disposable vape. You'll find flavours like Apple Peach, Blue Raspberry, Classic Tobacco, Fuji Apple Ice, Grape Ice, Lychee Ice, Mango Ice, Melon Ice, Mixed Berry, Orange Ice, Orange Mango Guava, Peach, Peach Lemon, Pineapple Ice, Pomegranate Ice, Red Line Ice, Spearmint, Strawberry, Strawberry Watermelon, and Watermelon Ice. Keep reading this Allo disposable vape review to discover more!

Specs of the Allo Vape

Allo disposable vapes have hit the scene with a bang, clearly visible in the numerous reviews boasting of its deceivingly powerful performance. Each Allo vape contains no less than 1.2mL of e-liquid carefully vaporized on a low-resistance 1.5ohm coil, guaranteeing a smooth and flavourful puff with each inhale. With an even 50VG/50PG ratio, Allo users can expect impressive clouds of vapour to accompany their vapes experience, making them the ideal device for those searching for satisfaction from their vaping products. Allo vapes are widely available near me in VapeMeet stores and online, offering even more convenience to its already dependable disposable design.

The Flavours of the Allo Vape

The Allo vape has an impressive flavour line up that will help almost any vaper find something they think is delicious. Take a look to see what tasty blends Allo offers!

Apple Peach

Dreamers of a fruity paradise will think they're still dreaming when they take a hit of Apple Peach! The tart sweetness of ripe, red apples and the gentle, smooth sweetness of peaches comes together for a tantalizing one-two punch of flavour. Why dream about delicious fruit tastes when you could just have them with Apple Peach!

Blue Raspberry

If you're looking for a treat flavour, you'll want to move along. Blue Raspberry is all about an authentic blend of blueberry and raspberries. You'll get some sharp tartness on the inhale from raspberries and sweetness of blueberries from the exhale that catches you right in the cheek!

Classic Tobacco

Fruit flavours aren't for everyone, and Allo has blended a tasty vape juice of Classic Tobacco for those that are transitioning from cigarettes or for vapers who just prefer tobacco tastes. Classic Tobacco is blended to recreate a mild cigarette flavour, and the salt nicotine blend helps the overall recipe hit your throat in just the right way.

Fuji Apple Ice

Fuji Apple Ice takes the tart sweetness of apples and blasts it with the icy taste of mint. The result is a vape liquid that hits sweet but leaves your mouth feeling crisp and cool with very little sugary aftertaste. Fuji Apple Ice is a great minty twist on a classic vape taste!

Grape Ice

For the grape lovers out there, Grape Ice takes a note from Fuji Apple Ice to provide a similarly sweet, icy experience. You'll get smooth, juicy flavours of grape that are quickly washed out on the exhale by a blast of tasty mint.

Lychee Ice

What's that? You want another fruity, minty flavour? Lucky for you, here's another one with Lychee Ice! Lychee has a gentle sweetness, similar to a pear (and some claim even just a bit of rose mixed in). Combine that with another minty blast, and you get a smooth, exotic sweetness that is followed up by a mouth-coating mint explosion!

Mango Ice

Mango Ice offers another fruity, minty experience, this time with the tropical smoothness of mango! Mango ice starts with the smooth and full-bodied sweetness of mango, followed up by a tasty blast of mint. The result is a mint-fueled flavour with the strong taste of mango still shining through just a bit on the exhale.

Melon Ice

Not to be outdone by the solo-fruit iced flavours, Melon Ice offers a blend of melony goodness! Expect notes of honeydew and cantaloupe mixed in with the refreshing goodness of mint. If you like the juicy sweetness of your favourite melon flavours, then Melon Ice is going to please your palate quite nicely.

Mixed Berry

If you love fruit-forward vape juice blends, then Mixed Berry is sweetly calling your name. It's a delicious blend of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, giving you a well-rounded flavour experience of sweet and smooth, with a nice tart bite. Mixed Berry is a classic flavour that Allo blends exceedingly well!

Orange Ice

Not to be outdone by their other minty offerings, Orange Ice brings a unique blend of citrus and minty coolness to create a tantalizing vapour recipe. The orangey sweetness is sharp enough to cut through the icy mint, resulting in a refreshingly cool citrus flavour that coats your mouth. Orange Ice is a delicious flavour, especially during hot summer days!

Orange Mango Guava

Orange Mango Guava gives you the best of all three of these popular vape flavours. The sharp sweetness of orange, and the smooth sweetness of mango, and the creamy sweetness of Guava all come together for a flavour trio of deliciousness. If fancy fruit blends are your fave, then Orange Mango Guava will not disappoint.


Peach by Allo captures the essence of a field-grown peach in each and every puff. The smooth, fuzzy sweetness hits sharply on the inhale while it coats your mouth on the exhale for a peachy taste that slowly winds down once the vapour has fully left your mouth. If you like authentic peach flavours, then Peach deserves a spot in your vaping lineup.

Peach Lemon

The contrasting flavours of peach and lemon come together deliciously in Peach Lemon. The smooth peach sweetness is cut through by the sharp lemony sourness, and the entire experience is draped with a familiar lemony sweetness. The predominately sweet notes are undercut slightly by gentle sour notes, creating quite the experience that your taste buds will start to crave!

Pineapple Ice

The mouth-watering taste of pineapple combined with the refreshing coolness of mint comes together to create a cool, tropical-like vape juice. The cool mint cuts the pineapple, and the pineapple tone down the mint, resulting in a flavour that is not too minty and not too sweet. Pineapple Ice is a delicious blend for pineapple or mint lovers!

Pomegranate Ice

Another icy, fruity blend has come knocking, and this time it's Pomegranate Ice. The authentic notes of tangy, tart pomegranate are a delicious combination with the icy blast of mint. Your cheeks will tense on the inhale as the tart and tangy hits, but the mint will remove any lingering sharp flavours on the exhale, resulting in a tangy, minty, and relaxing vape!

Red Line Ice

Lovers of energy drinks will rejoice with the icy collaboration of mint and classic energy drink flavours! You'll be hit with nostalgic memories of frantic all-nighters while being fueled by sugar and caffeine, all with the pleasant blend of mint. While you won't get a caffeine buzz in Red Line Ice, you can go for an all-nighter being fueled by salt nicotine!

Allo's take on Spearmint will be a refreshing, genuine flavour experience. After all, they do use genuine mint extract to create this tasty blend! Spearmint is a bit sweeter than peppermint, so expect to catch those sweet notes when you exhale. Spearmint is a well-crafted minty blend that is quite delicious!


There's nothing wrong with wanting something simple, and Strawberry is a simple yet delicious flavour. It tastes just like some of your favourite strawberry treats, with a soft sweetness that hits your palate on the inhale and then a sticky sweetness that coats your mouth on the exhale. Strawberry by Allo is a delicious take on a classic recipe!

Strawberry Watermelon

The holy matrimony of two of the most popular flavours creates, in our opinion, the best tasting vape juice in Allo's entire lineup. The gentle, sweet strawberry and the juicy, sugary watermelon create a delicious flavour without overwhelming you with syrupy sweetness. If you want a possible new favourite disposable vape flavour, try Strawberry Watermelon!

Watermelon Ice

What better way could you have to combat summer's vicious heat than with two popular summer flavours! Juicy, refreshing watermelon will hit your mouth first, but on the exhale, cool mint will envelop every single one of your taste buds. Watermelon Ice is a cool retreat from the heat and may become one of your favourite summer flavours!


Allo vapes offer one of the most thorough flavour lineups you'll find in a disposable vape brand.  However, you'll find that they'remore than quantity, as each flavour is carefully crafted to provide a delicious flavour, a satisfying mouthfeel, and plenty of vapour to give a satisfying puff. It's hard to go wrong with Allo Disposables, especially if you're in the market for a variety of fruity, minty tastes!

Find a great flavour? If you’re still reading our Allo disposable vape review up to this point, there’s a good chance this is the disposable for you! Head over to the Allo Disposable collection page to shop now!

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