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Kendo - Gold Edition Cotton


New and improved Kendo Gold. This new pack of Kendo is easier to use and easy to pull strands of cotton for your DIY builds. Kendo has proven their cotton is the best in the industry so making it easier to use just up the game. The Kendo Vape Cotton Gold is very similar to how Cotton Bacon V2 is packaged and used. It is a long strand of cotton versus a ball of cotton. Absolutely zero cotton taste. 100% unbleached and unprocessed Japan organic cotton. Well known for its heat resistant property. Vapers will be able to switch e-juice easily. And longer lasting!Kendo Vape Cotton has a higher heat resistance; thus, it is able to withstand heat for longer periods compared to conventional cotton wicks.Kendo Vape Cotton is tasteless and odorless. No more bad cotton smell for your wick!The cotton wick is packaged and sealed in food grade foil bags to ensure you are getting a sanitary product.