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Sub Ohm Society - (FC4) Fused Clapton Pre-Built Coil Sub Ohm Society

Sub Ohm Society - (FC4) Fused Clapton

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A favorite and popular coil for a long time, the Parallel Fused Clapton produces fantastic flavor and performance. From beginner to advanced users alike they never fail to please.

Sub Ohm Society FC class Fused Clapton’s are hand wrapped with US sourced Sandvik wire. Hand spun and wrap with Nichrome 80 wire. Every batch of finished coils are cut and cleaned through an ultrasonic bath then carefully package for your convenience

Please ensure you have proper knowledge of ohms law and battery safety when installing and using premade coils.

Order Sub Ohm Society (FC4) Fused Clapton Pre Built Coils from our online vape store and see for yourself why vapers choose Sub Ohm Society again and again.


36n80/27n80 2.5mm 7
wraps 0.5ohm single coil
0.25ohm dual coil

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