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Sub Ohm Society - (TA4) Tri Core Alien Pre-Built Coil Sub Ohm Society

Sub Ohm Society - (TA4) Tri Core Alien

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These Sub Ohm Society (TA4) Tri Core Alien coils are some of the best Pre Built Coils in Canada. Buy yours today from VapeMeet’s online vape shop.

For superior flavor production, look no further than the tri core alien coil. With Sub Ohm Society Alien coils you will experience flavor and performance like none other. The unique signature wavy pattern of the outer wrap is not only a marvel of coil art, but it also serves a purpose! The flow of juice over these aliens’ coils runs fast like water down a river, delivering even distribution of juice every time.

Sub Ohm Society TA series aliens are hand wrapped with US sourced Sandvik wire. You will find a combination of Kanthal cores with Nichrome outer wrap. Every batch of finished coils are cut and cleaned through an ultrasonic bath then carefully package for your convenience.

Please ensure you have proper knowledge of ohms law and battery safety when installing and using premade coils.

Don’t forget to check out our other great hardware brands such as SMOK on your way out! Order over $50 online and get Free Shipping!


3mm 6 wraps
0.42ohm single
0.21 ohm dual coil

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