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You Don’t Say…Hot off the Presses

You Don’t Say…Hot off the Presses

You Don’t Say…Hot off the Presses

You Don’t Say…Hot off the Presses

Vaping is in the news again, but this time it looks like it’s getting its fair shake. The New York Times (wow) has reported on the New England Journal of Medicine’s reviewed and published paper summarizing a large-scale randomized trial that concludes e-cigarettes do help smokers quit. We’ll link to both the NYT article and the NEJM publication below and encourage you to read both in their entirety.



The study was conducted using over 800 smokers in Britain and (amongst other things) found e-cigarettes to be at least twice as effective as “the patch” and nicotine gum. Perhaps the best part about the study is that it ran from May 2015 to February 2018 – a breath of fresh air for the people calling for longer term studies.

 Participants were randomly supplied with the patch, gum or a basic vaping set-up and offered refills in their respective categories along with professional, behavioral support. 18% of those in the e-cigarette group were still smoke-free over a year later, which is impressive given the rates for other NRT program or going cold turkey!

Many of us are not surprised by these findings, and would likely argue that with the support of an experienced vaper or company these rates should be much higher. The important aspect is not that the science is being done (it has been for some time) it’s that publications like the New York Times are beginning to focus more on the science, and not just picking the low-hanging fruit of ‘what-ifs’ and fear-mongering about children.







Again, we encourage you to read these documents, not just because they are important to be familiar with as vapers, but also to drive traffic to the sites in support of publishing more like them in the future.

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