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Uwell Crown Pod System Review - Pod Perfection!

Uwell Crown Pod System Review - Pod Perfection!

Uwell is a titan in the vape industry, the company refuses to cut corners and it really shows in their products. The Crown series of sub-ohm tanks have been praised by vapers for years now. With the rise of pod systems, Uwell released the Caliburn which has continuously proven to be the device of choice for many vapers despite being a year old.

Uwell has recently released the Crown Pod System, does it fill the big shoes of its predecessors? Let’s find out!


The Crown is available in several colours including black, grey, red and blue. At the top of the battery section is the power/fire button with a textured Crown logo. Directly below, towards the bottom of the device is the indicator light which will change colour depending on battery life. The indicator will appear green when over 60%, blue at 60%-30% and red when below 30%. A small detail we can appreciate is the e-liquid window right on the front, making it easy to see if it’s time for a refill at a glance. Overall the build quality feels great and comparable to the Caliburn.


The Crown sports a 1250mAH battery, more than double that of the 520mAh Caliburn. Testing has shown the battery to last a whole day with ease, even with heavy use! There also isn’t a noticeable dip in performance when running low on power. A common complaint among vapers is the loss of power when using a device with a low battery. The Crown keeps on trucking with consistent output at all times!

The devices charges through micro USB, however it would be nice to see newer devices make the switch to USB C (It's 2020!). Charging time from completely dead to full seems to consistently take 1.5-2 hours depending on the power source.

Uwell recommends waiting 5 minutes after charging before using the device to avoid the risk of burning out pods.


Crown Pods hold 3mL of e-liquid and are available with 0.6ohm and 1.0ohm coils. This may be a con for some, as devices from other brands like SMOK offer capacities up to 5mL, however this helps keep the footprint of the Crown compact and discrete. Pods make use of an innovative slider for airflow adjustment. Both pods are also able to deliver a tight MTL experience. When wide open, the 0.6ohm coils produces vapor that is warmer and denser than the 1.0ohm. Uwell is known for long lasting coils and these appear to continue the trend. Even after several days of use, flavour is still rather fresh.

Filling pods can be a little tricky for first time users. Rather than pulling the cap off from the top like many other devices, place the pod into the battery and push on the upper portion of the mouthpiece to open.


The Crown has proven to be a fantastic pod system for new vapers and those looking to add another device to their collection. The compact design and well-performing pods are definitely a winning combination! Look no further for great flavour and performance. The Crown Pod System is available at VapeMeet for only $39.99!

Shop with us today in store or online at https://vapemeet.ca/collections/uwell-pod-systems/products/uwell-crown-pod-kit


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