500ml Extravaganza!

500ml Extravaganza!

500ml Extravaganza!

500ml Extravaganza!

Hey Everyone!We’re capping off this Halloween with another 500ml Extravaganza! Treat yourself or your friends and family to a 500ml bottle of your favourite VapeMeet flavour for only $129.99 (plus taxes).As always, starting right now, and until Friday, November 3rd at 5:00 p.m. you can order a very big bottle of our classic flavours for only $129.99! And this time around, we’re including all our flavours: FunkSauce, Toronto Juice Co., Captain Oliver’s Custards & Puddings, Rave, Fresh, That Tobacco, and Forbidden!

Forbidden 500MLMangavichee 500MLOMC 500MLVirgina Roast 500ML


You can order online, or come by our new lab and warehouse to get a bottle made just for you. If you’re coming “in-store” to order your bottle, please come to our new office and warehouse:

1 Royce Avenue, Unit 2 Brampton, ONL6Y 1J4 

If you’d like to make your online order for in-store pickup, please allow a couple extra days so we can have it delivered. 

The best news? We’ll be including a large flip-top dropper, 60ml Unicorn bottle and extra-label free of charge with every order, so you can fill up as you need to without lugging around a gargantuan bottle.

Please keep in mind that these bottles are made to order, so they will not be as steeped as the bottles you’re used to buying off the shelf, thus they’ll taste different as well. Check the dates on your bottle to see when it was made. 

Please allow a few weeks steeping time if you want them to taste just like our regular bottles, or feel free to enjoy them fresh. We repeat, most of these will not taste exactly like our regular bottles right away, as they are made fresh – when you order, or within a couple days in most cases, as we get ready for the flood of orders.

There’s no limit on how many bottles you can order, so stock up until the next one and grab some for your friends! Head to:


Select your flavour and choose 500ml from the drop-down list! It’s that easy.
Thanks so much for your support, enjoy!